Monday, October 14, 2013

Insanity Check In

Today I started week 3! I can say for the first time I have not missed 1 minute of a video. Usually it is around this time that something comes up or I have a reason for my Insanity commitment to dwindle. I would count going on a jog as an excuse not to do a video. I would also count aches and pains as injuries and skip a video here and there. If you have done any Insanity videos they almost always come with aches and pains :)

On this program you do a fit test every 2 weeks. It is a good way to monitor your progress and check in to see improvements. Here are my numbers from Day 1 to Day 15. No judging :)

I have improved in every area! Some more than others, clearly. One thing that was also an improvement was my endurance. The first fit test I had to push pause twice in between exercises to catch my breath and day 15 I didn't pause once. I was excited about that improvement! 

This healthy fit journey has not been sunshine and rainbows. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder blade (having to modify videos for two days), used a ton of icy hot, whined through almost all of last week, and woke up sore every morning. All that being said I am feeling accomplished and motivated. 

So after the first 2 weeks, what  have I learned:

-Find your motivation and keep it readily available. I find motivation by looking at unflattering pictures of myself. Not the best idea for everyone but it works for me. If you are motivated by a quote, keep it somewhere that you will see it. A good one is, "when you think about quitting, think about why you started" or "you can have excuses or results. not both".

-Stretch, stretch, stretch. After pulling a muscle last week I spent a lot of time stretching and I know that it bumped up my recovery time. 

-Find the exercise that you love. The best exercise for everyone is the one that you'll do. I love Insanity and I love hiking, so that is what I do. 

- Even when you don't feel like doing a video (or exercise), do it anyway.  There was one day last week that I had to force every muscle in body and mind to get it done. It has to be a priority and this is the only way to make it so.

-If I don't work out first thing in the morning I wont do it. I try and always get it done during Amelia's first nap but even if she is awake I do it in the morning. She has recently started to try an imitate the moves with me. Too cute. Can't be a bad thing for Amelia to see her mama being healthy and active. 

ps. Happy Monday everyone and remember to be kind to everyone, you never know what battle someone else is fighting. 

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