Monday, October 28, 2013

Fit Report: Progress!

I have some fantastic news to report. It's working!!! Well, of course it is. I have been working hard at staying with the plan and it is paying off. I woke up Sunday morning feeling a little lighter and my clothes were fitting better. I will say that most of the changes that I am seeing are as a result of the eating changes not the exercise. The exercise is helping with my energy and endurance but the changes in my body are definitely food changes. I can share with you a few samples meal that I have been eating. I originally said that this would be a 30 day change but after the way I feel from only 7 days it will be a more permanent change. 

-2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, 2 pieces of bacon, serving of berries

-Chicken salad lettuce wrap
     diced chicken, walnuts, apples, tablespoon mayo wrapped in romaine lettuce

Snack: Larabar or apple or carrots

-Honey Lime Salmon with roasted zucchini and squash

At least 64 oz of water but I usually drink a gallon because of my kidney stone history. I also drink hot water with lemon before bed. 

So this is just a sample of some some of the food I am eating. I was very good for 6 days, not even a morsel of anything that wasn't on the list. Around day 5 I realized that too much structure was going to cause me to crash. I decided to give myself a free day. Sunday was free day and I still ate healthy but I had some candy corn and popcorn while watching Hocus Pocus last night. I have to tell you I LOVE candy corn but it made me sick. That's what eating clean will do. The food I have been eating is making me feel so great that I almost don't want the junk anymore....almost. 

As far as Insanity goes. I haven't missed a day still! With the food changes last week my energy was down but I got through it. This week is the week before the MAX. My endurance and strength are getting better but I have yet to get through a full video without taking a couple extra breaks. I look forward to posting an after picture once I finish Insanity. A little too embarrassed to post the before picture until I have the after picture. 

Happy healthy Monday! 3 Days until Halloween! 

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