Friday, October 11, 2013

Arts & Crafts: Toddler Edition

We have started to jump into the arts and crafts area with Amelia. We of course started with a little coloring and that ended in Amelia eating the crayons. We tried drawing on the chalkboard, which also ended in Amelia eating the chalk. Basically I need to stop giving Amelia things that look like finger food. We moved on over to finger painting and I think we found a winner. 

I used an 8x10 flat canvas and some regular washable finger paint for our medium. We have an Ikea highchair which makes for a super easy cleanup. I first used masking tape to put the letter A (for awesome Amelia). I gave Amelia one color at a time and occasionally rotated the canvas while Amelia went to town. It was messy but worth it. Turned out so cute!

You can see the faint outline of the A under the paint. 

And...tada! Toddler masterpiece. She loved it and now I have a little abstract painting for Amelia's very first work of art. Now if I could just keep her from eating her writing utensils we wouldn't have a huge paint mess to clean up every time we wanted to do arts and crafts.

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