Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows Eve

It's hard to believe it was exactly one year ago that we closed on our house in Georgia (yes on Halloween) and here we are living in New Hampshire. I love looking back to where we were last year and seeing all the changes. Last year we had our little witch with us as we closed on our house and passed out candy from my Aunt and Uncle's house. 
Because of where we live we didn't get any trick or treaters this year. We basically live near a bunch of vacant vacation homes on the beach. Nice to be at the beach but not a happening spot for Halloween. We spent Halloween Eve reading our favorite Halloween books and watching the Red Sox win the series! (Giants fan here but I was still very excited)

I wake up on Halloween morning feeling almost like it's Christmas morning. I think I love Halloween because there is no obligation attached. No buying anyone presents or cooking big meals. Just a reason to celebrate and get together with people (and dress up). I also love creative costumes and getting to feel like a kid again. 

I, of course, made a Halloween breakfast for Amelia. We had our candy corn fruit and jack o' lantern waffle. Turns out I am terrible at waffle carving, good thing Amelia has no idea...or even cares. Lets be real, I do this for myself. 

We spent some time at our play-group for the Halloween get together. I went early and took a few pictures at the park of Amelia. How appropriate that there was a brick road...if only it were yellow...  
Sweet girl
Obsessed with Front Street PlayGroup
After a very long Halloween snooze we picked up Brian from work and headed to our church Trunk or Treat party. Unfortunately it was raining so the festivities were all moved in doors but we had a great time. 

last but not least....

Happy Halloween!

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