Saturday, October 26, 2013

14 Months

look at that little gap tooth! Love it!

14 Months
-Started going to our first New Hampshire play-group
- Loves loves music and playing her piano
-Obsessed with her Dad and Goose
-Still loves the beach and being outside
-Loves wearing shoes (brings them to me everyday)
- Lots of toddler babble with occasional words
-Signs: more, bottle, all done, and hungry
-Loves all things baby doll

When we hand her a doll she hugs it really tight and says, "awwwww". Really sweet. She does this with all stuffed animals, sometimes jackets, and even Goose. 

I took our monthly pajama pics in our most festive pajamas. Let's do a little flashback to last October pajama pictures. Such a little baldy...well she kind of still is.

I know this is a picture overload but I have a hard time narrowing it down. I wanted to do another sweet little past/present comparison. Pumpkin patchin'. Love October.

5 days until Halloween! If you follow us on instagram (tyoast) you got to see what Amelia and I are dressing up as. Just wait until you see the whole family. Yep, I make Brian and Goose wear matching costumes and I am not even embarrassed about it. 

p.s.. 30 day challenge is going well. I am still on track and feeling great, except I want to kill somebody and gorge on candy corn. Other than that, things are going really great.....more on that later. 

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