Friday, September 6, 2013

Amelia's First Birthday

We had so much fun celebrating Amelia's first birthday. Our birthdays are actually within 2 weeks of each other so it makes for a 2 week celebration. Since we weren't going to be around anyone on her actual birthday we celebrated a little early with some cupcakes and swimming at my parents house. 

Amelia is a really neat eater so the cupcake eating wasn't very exciting. She kinda picked at it and put a little in her mouth at a time. She did like when we sang happy birthday and of course her crown kills me. Most of the time while she was eating she kept looking at the little pool we had set up. As soon as she was finished eating her cupcake we threw her in the pool. I have never seen a happier baby.  She doesn't look all that happy in the pictures but she was laughing the whole time and did not want to get out. 

We ended up in New Hampshire for Amelia's actual birthday. Since we were only in Georgia for a total of 2 days to pack up our house it was kind of a whirlwind. We still celebrated a little bit on her actual birthday. I stole this idea from a friend (Katlyn!). At Amelia's birth time 12:54 p.m. on her birthday I went outside and took a picture of the sky and Amelia. It was a nice sunny day in New Hampshire. We even had a little photo shoot to celebrate.

Brian's first day of work ended up being on Amelia's birthday. We really like to cram in as much stress as we can :) Brian was actually changing and I made him put his Timberland hat on and pose for this picture (he didn't actually wear that to work). Amelia was so happy to see him.

Since we don't know the area and we are staying in a hotel we went over to the mall next door and checked out the restaurants for a little birthday dinner. Amelia is such a sweet accommodating little girl and is almost always good in restaurants. I think she knew we were celebrating because she was especially sweet.

Normally Amelia just eats off of our plate or we bring her food. Since it was a celebration we actually ordered her a little meal of chicken and broccoli which of course came with ice cream. She loved it all! The smile picture is after her first bite of ice cream. 

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to give Amelia her present. We got her a Melissa and Doug puzzle. Very exciting I know :) She loves it and has played with it everyday since. By play, I mean Amelia just hits Goose with the pieces, chews on them, and occasionally will yell at me until I sing Old Mcdonald while she makes the pieces dance.

To celebrate my birthday we went to the Timberland outlets in Kittery, Me. I wanted some Timberland boots to gear up for the winter. We ended finding these little Tims and put them on Amelia's feet. She LOVED them and wanted to walk the entire store. She was in heaven. Of course we bought them for her, she needed boots anyway. She is going to look like a Hampster in no time. 

We also hit the beach that is walking (and I mean steps) from the beach cottage we are renting. The cottage isn't available until Sept. 15, but we can't wait! Goose cries as soon as he smells the salt water. Amelia is a little beach bum as well. It will be a little different since it will be getting cold soon but for us the beach is the beach. We love it!

Sorry for the picture dump but living far away this is how I keep everyone updated. Have a great weekend everyone!

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