Friday, September 27, 2013

13 Months

13 Months
-10 Teeth (wowza)
-Talking/babbling like crazy
-Giving kisses (finally)
- Still bald
-No more pacifier :)

We have started to finally get settled in New Hampshire. Our little cottage on the beach has been wonderful so far and we are adjusting really well. We actually kind of feel like we are perpetually on vacation, but very happy. 

Amelia is growing right before our eyes and we are loving it. This age has been fun and full of personality. The days of Amelia being the shy quiet one are behind us. She is chatty and hilarious. She loves dancing, reading, singing, and the beach. Amelia even took her first couple of steps on the beach. She is full on walking now and very proud of herself. Now that she is moving around getting good pictures was VERY difficult. Good thing we switched over from weekly to monthly because I don't think I could handle the stress :)

I also took her monthly pajama pictures! After I took the pictures I realized that her monthly pajamas from September of last year were oddly similar...

Blue owls...what are the chances. The funny thing is that they were both gifts from my mom. Random but funny. 

Amelia is so sweet and still such an accommodating "easy" baby. Last week, since we were feeling settled, I decided to try and take away Amelia's pacifier. I thought it would be a struggle because she seemed to be attached to it. We only ever gave it to her in bed or her car seat (typically). I put her down for a nap, didn't give her a pacifier, closed the door, and walked out. Not a peep for 3 hours. I was shocked! I think I was more attached to the pacifier than she was. This was a few days ago and we have not used the paci since (well once in the car but she was starving and I was out of food). We can officially say that we are no longer doing the dreaded pacifier search and she didn't even seem to notice. So happy! The paci was a great help with her being an excellent sleeper and I think that we got it out of there just in time. I am all about doing whatever works for you, but I personally do not have the patience for taking it away when she is older. I am definitely grateful that she is so accommodating. I will also say that she does ask for a stuffed animal (her bear) when she is in her crib so she did kind of replace her paci with the bear but I am okay with that because the bear can't mess up her teeth. 

Anyway, here are a couple more pajama pictures. Happy Weekend everyone! 

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