Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap: Lake Winnipesaukee & Beach Love

We are all about cramming as much into our weekends as possible. The weather has been great and we are trying to soak in as much outside time as we can before the cold comes our way. We started our weekend with our usual, the beach! Amelia and Goose are in heaven and we always feel very relaxed and grounded after a little beach session (must be all those negative ions floating around). 

 I love a little bit of sand doodling. As you can see above I loved it so much I changed the blog. I thought it was more appropriate given our current situation. 

Obsessed with this picture of Brian and Amelia. Just adorably wonderful. The funny thing is she is always smiles with Hoss but very serious with me. 

Hiking is pretty big out here. Well, in fact, it is so big that the parking lot to the trial head was more crowded than the parking lots at target or the mall. Love that! I love enjoying the outdoors with a ton of happy people doing the same thing, no joke. I love a community of active happy people. Motivating! :) 

We hiked Mt. Major on Lake Winnipesaukee (What About Bob anyone??). We took the "easier" loop around, instead of the shorter straight up route. Our route was the easier route but a little longer. It ended up being a little over 4 miles and plenty challenging for me. It was one of the best hikes I have been on. The view at the top was also incredibly rewarding.

The family that hikes together...
I am feeling full of love these days.

Happy Fall Ya'll! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

13 Months

13 Months
-10 Teeth (wowza)
-Talking/babbling like crazy
-Giving kisses (finally)
- Still bald
-No more pacifier :)

We have started to finally get settled in New Hampshire. Our little cottage on the beach has been wonderful so far and we are adjusting really well. We actually kind of feel like we are perpetually on vacation, but very happy. 

Amelia is growing right before our eyes and we are loving it. This age has been fun and full of personality. The days of Amelia being the shy quiet one are behind us. She is chatty and hilarious. She loves dancing, reading, singing, and the beach. Amelia even took her first couple of steps on the beach. She is full on walking now and very proud of herself. Now that she is moving around getting good pictures was VERY difficult. Good thing we switched over from weekly to monthly because I don't think I could handle the stress :)

I also took her monthly pajama pictures! After I took the pictures I realized that her monthly pajamas from September of last year were oddly similar...

Blue owls...what are the chances. The funny thing is that they were both gifts from my mom. Random but funny. 

Amelia is so sweet and still such an accommodating "easy" baby. Last week, since we were feeling settled, I decided to try and take away Amelia's pacifier. I thought it would be a struggle because she seemed to be attached to it. We only ever gave it to her in bed or her car seat (typically). I put her down for a nap, didn't give her a pacifier, closed the door, and walked out. Not a peep for 3 hours. I was shocked! I think I was more attached to the pacifier than she was. This was a few days ago and we have not used the paci since (well once in the car but she was starving and I was out of food). We can officially say that we are no longer doing the dreaded pacifier search and she didn't even seem to notice. So happy! The paci was a great help with her being an excellent sleeper and I think that we got it out of there just in time. I am all about doing whatever works for you, but I personally do not have the patience for taking it away when she is older. I am definitely grateful that she is so accommodating. I will also say that she does ask for a stuffed animal (her bear) when she is in her crib so she did kind of replace her paci with the bear but I am okay with that because the bear can't mess up her teeth. 

Anyway, here are a couple more pajama pictures. Happy Weekend everyone! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Hampshire Highland Games

Have I mentioned how much we love New Hampshire? Well, we do! Not to take anything away from Georgia or California because we loved living there too, but New Hampshire seems to be our soul mate location. 

There is always something fun going on around here and we are trying to take advantage of every opportunity. Before we moved here we heard about the Highland games in the mountains of New Hampshire and put it on our calendar. Well the games were this last weekend and we had a great time. Neither of us are Scottish but we love festivals and some friendly competition. 

The games were up at Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, NH. The leaves are slowly starting to change and showing us what a New England fall is all about. Beautiful at every glance and it's just the beginning. The games, music, and view were fantastic. Scottish food, on the other hand, not my favorite. We loved celebrating a little piece of Scottish culture and getting to know New Hampshire a little better. 

We, of course, ended the night with a moonlit walk on the beach before bed. 

ps. We closed on our house last Friday! More on that later. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Seabrook, NH & Portland, ME

We have finally settled in to our new (temporary) home in Seabrook, New Hampshire. We decided to do a winter rental to give us some time to get to know the area and look for a home. Well we are in LOVE with our rental. It is a super dated 1960's beach cottage steps to the beach.  Even comes with an ocean view. 

The reason we can afford it is because New Englanders don't wanna go to the beach in the winter. Lucky us. It is gonna get cold real fast but we are excited to listen to the ocean and take freezing cold walks on the beach. Naturally we have spent everyday, sometimes multiple times, at the beach. With not many people around it feels a little bit like our own personal beach. You can imagine that Goose is in heaven. 

This last weekend was Maine Lighthouse Day. Most of the lighthouses were open to the public for a last little tourism push at the end of the summer season. We headed up to Portland to check out a couple lighthouses. We have also been hearing a lot about the restaurant scene in Portland and love trying new places. I did a little research on the way and found a place called Duckfat. It said it was a must visit while in Portland so we made our way over there. Safe to say, it did not disappoint. 
The restaurant is known for frying things in Duckfat and they even make a shake using duckfat. Sounds weird but it is only delicious! We tried a sandwich platter featuring some fancy cured in house meat and some other fancy toppings. We are not foodies by any means but we can definitely appreciate some good local cuisine. The best part was Brian's homemade orange soda with saffron. Incredible! I would recommend Duckfat to anyone visiting Portland, as long as you don't mind the 30+ minute wait. 

Luckily the restaurant was right near the Port so we took a walk down to where the cruise ships dock. It was beautiful and very relaxing. 
 After the grub we made our way to some lighthouses. Maine is panoramically beautiful. Everywhere you look is a postcard and two of these pictures I took are actually from the highway. We are in love with New England and we still have so much more to see. Now we just need people to come and visit :)