Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Growing Up

In honor of Amelia's birthday yesterday it is time to post our growth pictures from her first year. From this point on I think we will just do monthly pajama pictures since her growth will slow down a bit. It has been so fun documenting this every week and I love love looking back on all the changes. I had one of those moments looking at these pictures and feeling like I want to remember every little detail and being sad that such a fun year is behind us. I have enjoyed every stage of Amelia's little life so far and look forward to what comes next. 

1 Year
-Born in Irvine, Ca
-Lived in Marietta, Ga
-Moved to New Hampshire (barely)
-Driven to/through 20+ states
-7 Flights
-Not walking yet...so close
-Loves: Goose, graham crackers, puzzles, her dad, swimming and the beach
-Hates: I can't think of one thing..no joke, well maybe the nose sucker
Words: Mom, Dad, Hi, Bye, No, Yes (Ya)

Amelia is truly one of those people that brings joy everywhere she goes. We love love having her around and had no idea how much better our lives would be. Amelia is sweet and happy 95% of the time! We feel fortunate to have this smart beautiful girl in our family :)

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  1. Happy birthday, Amelia!! I love the photos all laid out together - so amazing to see the gradual changes week by week! She is such a sweet baby and she is lucky to have such a sweet Mama!! It's so fun to watch you with her - a natural at this whole motherhood gig, for sure! Good luck with the new adventures in New Hampshire!