Thursday, August 8, 2013

49 Weeks & Cali Vacation!

clapping in the picture

49 Weeks
- Southern California! (Amelia's 6th flight)
-Watched Brian surfing, finally!
-Cafe Rio with friends
-Lots of family time

We have kicked off our two week Cali vacation in Southern California and we are having a great time. We are keeping ourselves busy in traditional Yoast vacay fashion and luckily Amelia adjusted to the time change in 2 days. This time away has come right at the perfect time with so many changes going on. We get to step back from the everyday stress of life and take a moment to really enjoy some of our favorite things. Enjoy the ridiculous photo overload. 
Amelia was so sweet on the flight, and yes that is all of our luggage. 
What is this stuff? Our yard in Georgia is weeds, dirt, and bugs.
We got off the plane, ate lunch, and then straight to the beach.
All smiles. 
Brian and his brother. 
One of my favorite things is taking surfing pics of Brian. So much fun. 

Our second day in Cali was spent at the beach of course. 
Amelia's first time putting her little toes in the ocean.
She'll like it eventually I'm sure.
LOVED crawling in the sand. Such a little peanut!
She was fast friends with her cousin.
More cousin time.
Ya-ma and Papouli were in town too!
We were able to hit up our 
Anniversary hike (we did this hike for our first 3 anniversaries).  
She loved it, as usual. Passed out for 3 of the 4 miles.
We hit up my Aunt and Uncle's pool as well. She is right at home in the water. 

We have had a great few days visiting in SoCal but we are excited to head up North today. If only we could have Goose with us! However, based on the pictures I've seen he seems to be having more fun in our absence :)

Happy Amelia's birth month everyone!

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  1. Yay! I'm so excited to see you and I'll speak for Lucy and say that she's super excited to see Amelia! Can't wait to get them together and hear all about your upcoming adventure!