Thursday, August 1, 2013

48 Weeks & 11 Months

48 Weeks
-More beach time
-Only 4 weeks until birthday time!
-Unsold our house :(
-Climbed up the stairs (with Dad's help)
-LOVES hard rock music

So if you check out the bullet points you can see some bad news in there. Yesterday I actually said the phrase, I don't think things could get any worse for me right now. I woke up this morning and got knocked down. Our buyers dropped out!!!! A resounding NOOOOOO! keeps playing through my head when I think about this. We had come to an agreement last night after the inspection and everything was on track to close at the end of August. I guess they woke up this morning and just changed their mind. It seems like the want a brand new home and ours is far from it. Crazy thing was, it was always built in the 80's! It will all work out though, we already had two more showings today and we are feeling very optimistic still. The major bummer is that Brian will have to head up to New Hampshire without me and I will feel very much alone in this big house. I guess I better start making a craft/reading list. 

Well enough of the bad news, lets move onto the cute news. Amelia is 11 months old and gets sweeter everyday (well not everyday, we have the occasional off day). Her favorite new activity is opening all drawers and emptying them out. I love it because she is so determined and always gets the task done. Very sweet. 

I took her monthly pajama pictures today. We had a tough time, she was not in the mood. With the Georgia heat Amelia just sleeps in diapers or sometimes a onsies. This picture is cute because I got Goose back there in his crate. You can see that the door is actually open, he just loves it in there. 

I like this picture because she kinda looks like she just woke up. I love the morning/after nap look babies have. Morning is my favorite time of the day with Amelia. 

Hope everyone has a happy friday and a happy weekend. We will be celebrating Brian's last day with coke and our upcoming vacay :)

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  1. Not fun! I know how stressful this process has been for you and I can imagine living separately to get it sorted out does not make it feel much better. You are more than welcome to come and eat dinner with me while your hubby is out!