Monday, July 8, 2013

Zoo Atlanta

We FINALLY had some spare time this weekend and decided to hit up Zoo Atlanta. I bought tickets from Groupon a few month back and before they expired we needed to use them. It has been raining basically non stop for the past week or so, but we are sick of being indoors so we went for it. 

We figured Amelia wouldn't even pay attention to the animals because she is still so young so for the first part we left her in the stroller. When we got to the Gorillas she was getting overheated and we took her out. Next thing we know she is smiling, waving, and saying hi to the gorillas. We could not stop laughing. We couldn't even get her to turn around for the picture because she was trying to make Gorilla friends at the zoo. 
When we hit the reptile section (our favorite because we like to see who can find the frogs first) Amelia seemed to be a meal for one gigantic lizard. He perked right up when he saw her, came up to the glass, and just stared. 
You know you're a parent when... you are changing diapers on a bench at the zoo. 

Amelia's favorite by far was the orangutans. I think she liked them because they were so active playing around and very easy to see because of their orangeish color. 
Love this picture! Look at her waving and smiling away. She is my light. 
That face!
Waving to the tigers. 
Sometimes when you want to see the giant panda...
Seriously like 18 inches off the ground...
Loved visiting the zoo with this little lady. She is such an observer and took it all in. I never understood why people bring babies to things like this but I do now. Getting to experience the zoo with a baby is like getting to experience it for the first time all over again. 

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