Saturday, July 27, 2013

47 Weeks

5 weeks until we have a 1 year old :)

47 Weeks
-Panting (all the time) like her buddy Goose
- Loves playing the piano with Dad
-Marietta Diner
-Sold our house!! (more on that here.)

Well I hate doing short posts but we are busy busy. This is also why the post is coming so late in the week. We are under contract for our home! This week I have been packing, organizing, cleaning, and exhausted! The buyers did the home inspection yesterday so we are waiting to hear back about that, fingers crossed that everything comes back okay. 

In other news the US Open is in Huntington Beach right now, making us feel a little nostalgic for Ca. However, surf has been 2-3 ft in the Hamp, shaping up to be a good winter of surf for Brian. Yay! 

Sorry so short, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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