Friday, July 19, 2013

46 Weeks & Amicalola Falls

poor teething baby

46 Weeks
-Amicalola Falls
-Showing our home
-Standing (thinking about walking)
-Saying Mom, Hi, Dad, Gah (Goose)
-Started doing more in sign language
-Went to friends birthday party

We are loving this age! Amelia is almost 11 months and it is so much fun. Such a sweet little person and we enjoy getting to know her everyday. 

Now that we are about to kick our Georgia bucket we are checking things off our to do list. Since moving here, a whole 10 months ago, Brian has been wanting to go to Amicalola Falls. We had plans a couple months ago but Amelia got really sick. We finally got it done last weekend. It worked out perfectly because we had two showings and had to get out of the house, so why not hit up the falls. There are a lot of different trails and we ended up doing a shorter one because it looked like rain was coming. Brian and Amelia are two peas in a pod and become at peace when near the water. We loved it! Enjoy the pictures :)

She gets smiley as soon as she sees the hiking bag. 
Of course Goose came along for the hike.

My whole heart in one picture :)

Come on! Look at that face!

Wherever we go Brian teaches Amelia about what we are doing. Here he was telling her all about how waterfalls work (he talks to her like an adult). She always listens to him. Such a lovely relationship.
Family photo. I look a little
 disheveled but this 
Georgia heat can be a little rough on me :)

They really do have a special bond. Amelia and I have a wonderful relationship but both bonds are so different. I can make Amelia laugh and Brian can calm Amelia and get her to listen to anything. He could read a dictionary to Amelia and she will patiently sit and listen. They adore each other and I feel giddy everyday that I get to be a part of this family. 

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