Friday, July 12, 2013

45 Weeks & Big News

45 Weeks
-First 4th of July
-Zoo Atlanta
-Lots and lots of House tweaking
-Started standing/pulling herself up to standing

Alright, I am going to get right to it. We are pregnant.....just kidding. I figured that is what everyone is assuming. The actual news is we are moving!!!!! Yes that's right I said moving. I know pregnant would probably be less stressful and make more sense. We are moving to New Hampshire and Brian is starting a new job! We are very excited and can not wait for the new adventure. We have loved Georgia....LOVED! It is bitter sweet to think about leaving our home (more home details here), and our Georgia friends and family. We love new opportunities and this is going to be great for Brian's career. 

Even though we hardly got our feet wet in Georgia we are excited to dive right in to the Northeast. You know they call people from New Hampshire hamsters....not mad about that AT ALL, I think I actually love it. 

Happy weekend everyone! Wish us luck and send us your happy home selling vibes :)

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