Wednesday, July 3, 2013

44 Weeks & 10 Months

*****10 MONTHS*****

44 Weeks
-Rain, rain, and more rain
-Pulling herself up to her knees (and almost feet).
-Falling (and bleeding) from pulling herself up.
-Saying Mom and Yiayia (Grandma).
-Waving to everyone...including the TV.
-Started singing along to hymns.
-Pretends to read books.
-Top tooth poking through.

Ten months and counting! Every stage with a baby seems to get better and better. As we hit each phase I find myself loving all the new things and also nostalgic about things that are behind us. I already miss the all gum smile but I love seeing those two bottom teeth poking out. Amelia is still the sweetest east going baby but her sassy side is starting to come out. She is starting to share her little opinion more and speak up when she wants something. Of course by speak up I mean yelling nonsense at me with the occasional mom in there. 

I wake up in the morning and find myself missing Amelia and looking forward to when she wakes up so I can see her. When I walk into her room she almost always greets me with the sweetest little, "Hey". I love that she says hey to us, it is the cutest thing. I HAVE to get it on video but babies don't usually do things on cue. Another thing I am loving is the waving. She has been waving for a while now but she does it all the time. The best part is that it's not a normal baby wave but a regular wave. She will be playing with her toys and I will hear her sweet voice say, "hey" and when I glance up she is just waving away. She waves to Goose, everyone at the grocery store, the judges on America's Got Talent, and the horse head on our fireplace. I LOVE it!

We also did our ten month pajama pictures this week. She is getting harder and harder to keep still during these photo sessions. I usually have to give her something to hold, dance a little, or just follow her around for 20 minutes hoping to get a good picture. From here on out the pictures might start to include props for my sanity. 

That face!!!!

 Here is to a festive holiday weekend :)

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