Saturday, July 27, 2013

47 Weeks

5 weeks until we have a 1 year old :)

47 Weeks
-Panting (all the time) like her buddy Goose
- Loves playing the piano with Dad
-Marietta Diner
-Sold our house!! (more on that here.)

Well I hate doing short posts but we are busy busy. This is also why the post is coming so late in the week. We are under contract for our home! This week I have been packing, organizing, cleaning, and exhausted! The buyers did the home inspection yesterday so we are waiting to hear back about that, fingers crossed that everything comes back okay. 

In other news the US Open is in Huntington Beach right now, making us feel a little nostalgic for Ca. However, surf has been 2-3 ft in the Hamp, shaping up to be a good winter of surf for Brian. Yay! 

Sorry so short, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 19, 2013

46 Weeks & Amicalola Falls

poor teething baby

46 Weeks
-Amicalola Falls
-Showing our home
-Standing (thinking about walking)
-Saying Mom, Hi, Dad, Gah (Goose)
-Started doing more in sign language
-Went to friends birthday party

We are loving this age! Amelia is almost 11 months and it is so much fun. Such a sweet little person and we enjoy getting to know her everyday. 

Now that we are about to kick our Georgia bucket we are checking things off our to do list. Since moving here, a whole 10 months ago, Brian has been wanting to go to Amicalola Falls. We had plans a couple months ago but Amelia got really sick. We finally got it done last weekend. It worked out perfectly because we had two showings and had to get out of the house, so why not hit up the falls. There are a lot of different trails and we ended up doing a shorter one because it looked like rain was coming. Brian and Amelia are two peas in a pod and become at peace when near the water. We loved it! Enjoy the pictures :)

She gets smiley as soon as she sees the hiking bag. 
Of course Goose came along for the hike.

My whole heart in one picture :)

Come on! Look at that face!

Wherever we go Brian teaches Amelia about what we are doing. Here he was telling her all about how waterfalls work (he talks to her like an adult). She always listens to him. Such a lovely relationship.
Family photo. I look a little
 disheveled but this 
Georgia heat can be a little rough on me :)

They really do have a special bond. Amelia and I have a wonderful relationship but both bonds are so different. I can make Amelia laugh and Brian can calm Amelia and get her to listen to anything. He could read a dictionary to Amelia and she will patiently sit and listen. They adore each other and I feel giddy everyday that I get to be a part of this family. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

45 Weeks & Big News

45 Weeks
-First 4th of July
-Zoo Atlanta
-Lots and lots of House tweaking
-Started standing/pulling herself up to standing

Alright, I am going to get right to it. We are pregnant.....just kidding. I figured that is what everyone is assuming. The actual news is we are moving!!!!! Yes that's right I said moving. I know pregnant would probably be less stressful and make more sense. We are moving to New Hampshire and Brian is starting a new job! We are very excited and can not wait for the new adventure. We have loved Georgia....LOVED! It is bitter sweet to think about leaving our home (more home details here), and our Georgia friends and family. We love new opportunities and this is going to be great for Brian's career. 

Even though we hardly got our feet wet in Georgia we are excited to dive right in to the Northeast. You know they call people from New Hampshire hamsters....not mad about that AT ALL, I think I actually love it. 

Happy weekend everyone! Wish us luck and send us your happy home selling vibes :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Zoo Atlanta

We FINALLY had some spare time this weekend and decided to hit up Zoo Atlanta. I bought tickets from Groupon a few month back and before they expired we needed to use them. It has been raining basically non stop for the past week or so, but we are sick of being indoors so we went for it. 

We figured Amelia wouldn't even pay attention to the animals because she is still so young so for the first part we left her in the stroller. When we got to the Gorillas she was getting overheated and we took her out. Next thing we know she is smiling, waving, and saying hi to the gorillas. We could not stop laughing. We couldn't even get her to turn around for the picture because she was trying to make Gorilla friends at the zoo. 
When we hit the reptile section (our favorite because we like to see who can find the frogs first) Amelia seemed to be a meal for one gigantic lizard. He perked right up when he saw her, came up to the glass, and just stared. 
You know you're a parent when... you are changing diapers on a bench at the zoo. 

Amelia's favorite by far was the orangutans. I think she liked them because they were so active playing around and very easy to see because of their orangeish color. 
Love this picture! Look at her waving and smiling away. She is my light. 
That face!
Waving to the tigers. 
Sometimes when you want to see the giant panda...
Seriously like 18 inches off the ground...
Loved visiting the zoo with this little lady. She is such an observer and took it all in. I never understood why people bring babies to things like this but I do now. Getting to experience the zoo with a baby is like getting to experience it for the first time all over again. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

House Updates

We have tons of updates going on over at the golden peach. We also have big big big news coming this week. Stay tuned....

Yoast Motto :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July

Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day. We have been swimming over here with all the rain going on but we made the day as festive as possible. I love a good festive breakfast. A little red, white (pancake), and blue anyone?

Bib courtesy of Auntie Katie.

We spent most of the day working on house projects since all parades and festivities were cancelled. Okay by us, we love house projects. For dinner we celebrated with some family that we have in the area. Good food and family is our favorite! Fireworks were also pretty much cancelled so we did some sparklers & poppers in the garage. It didn't feel much like the Fourth of July but we still had a great day. So what is the next holiday to start planning for? Birthday season for us (8/19, 8/26 & 9/1), too soon to plan??

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

44 Weeks & 10 Months

*****10 MONTHS*****

44 Weeks
-Rain, rain, and more rain
-Pulling herself up to her knees (and almost feet).
-Falling (and bleeding) from pulling herself up.
-Saying Mom and Yiayia (Grandma).
-Waving to everyone...including the TV.
-Started singing along to hymns.
-Pretends to read books.
-Top tooth poking through.

Ten months and counting! Every stage with a baby seems to get better and better. As we hit each phase I find myself loving all the new things and also nostalgic about things that are behind us. I already miss the all gum smile but I love seeing those two bottom teeth poking out. Amelia is still the sweetest east going baby but her sassy side is starting to come out. She is starting to share her little opinion more and speak up when she wants something. Of course by speak up I mean yelling nonsense at me with the occasional mom in there. 

I wake up in the morning and find myself missing Amelia and looking forward to when she wakes up so I can see her. When I walk into her room she almost always greets me with the sweetest little, "Hey". I love that she says hey to us, it is the cutest thing. I HAVE to get it on video but babies don't usually do things on cue. Another thing I am loving is the waving. She has been waving for a while now but she does it all the time. The best part is that it's not a normal baby wave but a regular wave. She will be playing with her toys and I will hear her sweet voice say, "hey" and when I glance up she is just waving away. She waves to Goose, everyone at the grocery store, the judges on America's Got Talent, and the horse head on our fireplace. I LOVE it!

We also did our ten month pajama pictures this week. She is getting harder and harder to keep still during these photo sessions. I usually have to give her something to hold, dance a little, or just follow her around for 20 minutes hoping to get a good picture. From here on out the pictures might start to include props for my sanity. 

That face!!!!

 Here is to a festive holiday weekend :)