Monday, June 24, 2013

42/43 Weeks & New England

42 Weeks
-Teething, teething, teething
-Loves saying Hi and waving to EVERYONE
-Sleeping in until 10 (must be a spurt)
-Loving Disney movies

taken after our crazy trip....she is exhausted. 

43 Weeks
-New Hampshire

We had the chance of spending some time up in New Hampshire for a couple days this weekend. Brian has needed some ocean time and sometimes you just need a get away...right? We have found out that short trips with a baby are not as easy as we thought and there will always be reasons for extra outfits. 

At this point in Amelia's short life I feel like I could write a book on how to travel with an infant. We have now driven across the country with her and she has been on 5 flights. She happens to be extremely easy going but it is still harder with a baby than without. 

We lucked out that our flight up wasn't full so we brought her seat on. She of course preferred to sit up and stare out the window. 
Lucky girl to have such a sweet dad. They were passed out like this for a good 45 minutes on the flight. She hammed it up the entire time. The flight attendants loved Amelia and started calling her their mascot. She waved to everyone as they came on the plane and they all loved that her name was Amelia (as in Earhart).

We haven't spent much time in the New England area of the states so we didn't know what to expect.  To say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. We LOVED it. It felt like a mixture of all our favorite places. It was beautiful and green like Georgia, mountainous like Idaho, and had the ocean like Cali. Not to mention in some areas recycling was mandatory, my inner hippie felt all sorts of joy. We stayed in Portsmouth, NH which is right on the border of Maine. After some napping we hit downtown Portsmouth for dinner at Friendly Toast. So good! It has a hipster vibe and the food was great. Amelia of course loved it. After dinner we took a drive and accidentally drove to Massachusetts and Maine all in around an hour. So fun!

Making lots of friends at the Friendly Toast.

Breakfast the next morning we hit The Juicery for some organic smoothies. New Hampshire has so much character all around. Everything is so much older up there that it has a very different vibe. 

You know she loved her some smoothie. 

After breakfast we went to the beach in Hampton. I always have to put my tootsies in the water. Very cold.

At peace with his ocean. 

Sitting on the Wall in Hampton.

Her first trip to the Ocean. Loved it!

After beach time we looked up to see if their were any Diner, Drive In, or Dives in New Hampshire. We found one...because there only is one in the whole state :) We drove into Manchester and hit up the Red Arrow Diner. Apparently this diner is the hot spot for all people political. When politicians come to New Hampshire during the primaries this is the place to go. They have plaques on all the booths showing who sat there. I sat with Adam Sandler and Brian sat with Al Gore. Food was great and the experience was just as great. 

It was a really short trip and we were flying out that evening back to Georgia. Well things did not go as planned. We were supposed to leave The Hamp (that's my new name for it) around 4:30, layover in Detroit and then head to Atlanta. Due to weather in Detroit our flight in The Hamp was delayed for 2 hours. We boarded twice and sat forever. We ended up leaving around 6:30 from The Hamp with our last hope of a connection leaving Detroit at 8:55. Well we got off the plane at 8:45, ran to our next gate, and missed our connection by maybe 3 minutes. We received not a lot of sympathy from Delta, as expected. They gave us a hospitality number and booked us on the flight for the next morning at 9am. Wouldn't you know that when we called hospitality they said no rooms were available...I will admit I did cry a little. I thought I was going to spend the night in the Detroit airport with a baby! Well we eventually found a hotel that had a room around 10:30 and made our way over. The hotel was really nice and we ordered a GIANT pizza to celebrate our fun adventure that brought us to a hotel in Michigan. Amelia did not even fuss one time. She was such a peach and we felt blessed every minute, even with all the hiccups. 

Still smiling after the longest day....ever.

Our flight home went off without a hitch and Amelia slept from takeoff to landing. We had such a great time and would recommend a little visit up to The Hamp to everyone. You wont be disappointed. 

Happy Monday!

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