Saturday, June 15, 2013

41 Weeks & Tennessee


41 Weeks
-Lynchburg & Bell Buckle Tennessee
- Playing peek a boo
-Visiting Brian's parents
-Father's Day photo shoot

Last weekend we made our way to small town Tennessee. We were long overdue for a visit with Brian's parents so we decided to meet somewhere in the middle (they live in St. Louis).  It took us a little over 3 hours to get there but the drive was really great. Amelia and Goose slept for most of the trip and Tennessee is beautiful from every angle. We found ourselves saying "wow" a lot on the drive. We stayed in Shelbyville which is a typical whatever town. Well in this whatever town we had the best pulled pork sandwiches I have EVER had. We found a guy with a little trailer selling sandwiches and we were not disappointed. So good! We also visited Lynchburg which is home of  the Jack Daniel's distillery. We didn't actually go to the distillery but we explored the small town square. After Lynchburg we headed over to Bell Buckle for dinner. Bell buckle was even smaller than Lynchburg but screamed southern charm. We looked up a place to eat and decided on the Bell Buckle Cafe (bell buckle is home to the moon pie) and fell into the lap of the cutest little restaurant. The restaurant was even a part of a strip of antique shops, I was in serious heaven! The restaurant was delicious and had live music playing some legit classic rock and country. Honestly small town Tennessee is where it's at! Here is some pics from the trip. 

Road Trip!
Playing fetch at the park in Lynchburg.
Amelia was all smile the whole trip. I love
this picture because you can really see how deep
blue her eyes are. 
Brian and his momma (and Goose).
Lynchburg, TN
We never miss a cheesy photo op. 
So much charm. 
Goose was also all smiles :)
 Goose is not allowed on furniture at home. This is what 
we came back to after dinner at the hotel.
Someone is acting like he is king of the castle. 

We had such a great time! If we leave the south, it is weekends like this that I will miss most. The best food and nicest people around. Love it! 

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there. I am incredibly grateful that Brian works so hard for us. I lucked out with Brian and even more that our little girl is so much like him :)  

Father's day photo shoot preview.

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