Friday, June 7, 2013

40 Weeks

40 Weeks
-9 Month well check
-18lbs (50th%)
-Crawling/bunny hopping
-Finding her voice

We have a crawler on our hands. She started out doing a sort of shimmy to a bunny hop but now she is actually crawling. She moves VERY slow but she is moving. She is still pretty tiny so she looks so cute moving around. We had our 9 month well check this week. Everything looks really good. Amelia is doing great with her fine motor skills but moving a little slow with the gross motor. She is just so laid back that she is fine just chillin', but we are gonna start working on it :)

Amelia hitting the 40 week mark is making me nostalgic of when I hit my 40 week mark here. It is crazy to look back and think of how different life was before and how we didn't realize then what we were were missing. 

I had no idea how much I would love being a mom. I was actually pretty sure I would be terrible at it and that I would want to go back to work asap. Well times have changed. I feel so lucky that I get to be home with Amelia (and Goose) everyday and would not change a thing. I thought I would miss work and I surprisingly don't. I have to say I don't really envy working moms because I think that would be WAY harder (except financially). Being a stay at home mom has days that are tough but I can't imagine having to leave and/or working all day and still doing mom duties when I got home. Props to you working moms. I do feel like I am working just in an entirely different way (and I don't get a paycheck, haha). I am learning things that I really didn't know much about. I am learning how to budget, DIY everything, and running a household. Sounds silly but I feel like I am getting experience that I was lacking before. Maybe I will eventually return to work but I have been loving the time I have been able to spend with Amelia. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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  1. Yikes? No way! You look fabulous in that picture. I WISH I looked that good at 40 weeks preggo with any of mine! 9 mos. is a big milestone. It always blew my mind a little to think that it took that long to grow the baby and then I kept it alive for just as long, haha, although it seems like the pregnancy went by alooooooot slower. I can't get over what a baby doll Amelia is!