Sunday, June 2, 2013

39 Weeks & 9 Months

*****9 Months*****
Look at this little grumpy pants face :)

39 Weeks
-Waving to us and strangers.
-Dunked in the pool :)
-Starting to recognize her "friends"
-Happy happy little baby!

We've hit our nine month mark :) I have loved every stage of her short life so far but I have really LOVED the last 3 months! I feel like we can see changes almost everyday. Amelia is a little observer and has been since day one. She is so much like Brian its crazy. She is happy and chill 99% of the time (which everyone knows comes from Brian). I know every parent goes through this but sometimes we look at each other and realize how lucky we truly are. 

We are keeping up with tradition and took our 9 month pajama pictures. This month is a little different because it has been heating up so if Amelia sleeps in anything it is usually a onesie. Good thing she looks cute in anything. 

Since I am so late getting this post out I decided to include some extra pictures. She looked really cute and girly at church today and wore her first pair of actual shoes. First girl shoes is a pretty momentous occasion :)

Headband from Little Blooms on Etsy
Dress from Baby Gap
Leggings from Lovely Lace Leggings
Sandals are hand me down
I am dying!!! Frame this for father's day??
Brian is making her smile in this one. 
And this cute smile is thanks to Goose.
Our little observer.
Had to include this hilarious one!
Little cross eyed smile.

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of spring beginning of summer. We have been loving the weather warming up (but not too hot yet) and find ourselves outside everyday. Amelia even got dunked under water for the first time :) Brian is such a water bug that he really wanted to get Amelia comfortable in the water. Well she sure is. She didn't love the dunk but recovered and got back to kicking around the pool. We are counting down the days until we can visit Cali and introduce Amelia to our old friend the Pacific. In the meantime we have weekly lake trips and plenty of pool time to tide us over!

Happy Sunday!

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