Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Biggest Loser Check In

Insanity Week 4

Scratch that...I am back at week 1. I made it through the first three weeks with flying colors (and super sore muscles) and then came the flu. I dare you to try Insanity with the flu. I take that one should ever try that. I thought I could pick it right back up after a 2 week break and my body said absolutely not. I picked up on day 1 yesterday and felt every muscle being worked all over again. Don't you love how you can work hard for months and take a 2 week sick break and it is as if you are starting over from the beginning. 

Brian and I ended our first phase of the Biggest Loser challenge. We started out really strong and then both hit the wall pretty hard. Brian fluctuated quite a bit and ended with a weight lose of 8 lbs after the 12 weeks. I also ended up with 8 lbs lost which makes me the winner percentage wise. However since neither of us are "big" losers we are entering the second phase declaring no one a winner yet. Our next phase ends August 12th giving us another 12 weeks to try and reach our ultimate goals. Brian has 20lbs to go and I have around 12. Now if we could just give up pizza Thursdays...

Here's to a healthy Wednesday :)

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