Friday, May 3, 2013

35 Weeks

*****8 Months*****
35 Weeks
-8 months old!!!
-First camping trip
-Army crawling
-Eating normal people food (Yay!)

I think all parents feel this way but sometimes I just feel so lucky. For someone who wasn't sure about having kids I have had an Amelia sized change of heart. Life is just richer with her around. Enough gushing for this post though, moving on...

We had our first camping trip this weekend as a family. Of course Goose was in heaven but Amelia loved it too. She is all about being outdoors and fits right in with our little outdoor loving family. I forgot to upload pictures of our trip but we'll get those up here soon. 

Amelia is all hands on these days and I could not get her to leave the chalkboard alone. It was bound to happen I guess. The series of our 35 week pictures is Amelia playing with the chalkboard and me trying to fix it while snapping pictures. See the cuteness below. 

Amelia turned 8 months old last week so we did our monthly pajama photo shoot. I have been loving little separate pajamas and they are much better as the weather gets warmer here in the south. 

Signature selfie
 Serious face

These next photos cracked me up. People ask me if I stage photos with Goose and Amelia but I never do. He always likes to jump right in the pictures or be as close to Amelia as possible. Usually I have to kick him out of the pictures. They are like two peas in a pod and I couldn't have asked for a better dog to be around our Bubba. 

Hey wanna play?
Goose making funny faces behind Amelia's back.
I wasn't making funny faces....

We'll call the last picture her official 8 month pajama picture. She was laughing out loud at Goose....who was just sitting there. Anyway, hope you enjoyed all the photos because honestly who reads this's all about the pictures. 

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