Sunday, April 28, 2013

Working My Butt Off....Literally

Now that I have been doing Insanity for 2 weeks I wanted to do a quick update on my progress. After the first week I was sore sore sore. I didn't see really any changes (as was expected) but I definitely felt that I was working hard.  Now after 2 weeks of Insanity I feel a huge difference. I did a little better with each workout, buttoned up a pair of too tight pants with ease, and even got a skinny compliment. Woohoo! Only 2 weeks and it is paying off.  In terms of actual wight loss I am still 5lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight and 15lbs up from my ultimate goal weight but I am feeling very encouraged. 

Since I am feeling motivated I figured I would share some tips that have been helping me through the last 3 months and specifically the past 2 weeks. 

Stop weighing yourself: I am terrible at stepping on the scale every time I am in the restroom. Now I have limited myself to every other Monday morning. I absolutely cheat sometimes and then feel discouraged so I just need to lay off. 

Drink water: I am not much of a soda drinker but I do enjoy the occasional Diet Coke. I have noticed that when I drink it I retain water and feel dehydrated. Since I started the gallon challenge I don't have the bladder capacity to drink soda so I haven't had any. I have noticed a difference specifically in the waist line from replacing the soda with water. 

Share your challenges with people: I usually keep everything (and I mean everything) to myself. I have such a huge fear of public failure that I am not big on sharing. That clearly wasn't working for me because I had no one to cheer me on or too help me stay motivated. Now I find myself sharing with everyone because it holds me accountable and people are very encouraging. Last week on Friday I DID NOT want to do the Insanity video. I was so sore and exhausted but knowing that I have people cheering me on got me moving again. 

Keep moving: In addition to the videos I have started doing a weekly walking group where we walk for about 4-5 miles pushing our little strollers and hitting every hill along the way. Another thing Brian and I try to do is go on a hike (even short ones) every weekend. I try and say yes to every opportunity to be active. 

Get a lot of sleep: This is the toughest one for me! I am a horrible sleeper. I stay up way too late resulting in sleeping in,  taking a nap, or a Diet Coke. I have been focused this last week on going to bed earlier and have felt the increase in energy. Yes, I am taking Melatonin (the best) supplements to help me get to bed earlier and it has been working wonders. 
Sleep = Energy = Better workouts = Results!

Hopefully I can keep up the workouts and see more results. When I get to my goal weight I will share before and after pictures :) 

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