Thursday, April 18, 2013

33 Weeks

33 Weeks
-Almost crawling...better get to baby proofing
-Says Hi (all the time)
-Finished our dining room table (more on
that here)
-Eating finger foods

Its funny, I do this blog every week but I still have hard time remembering what we did all week or if we hit any milestones.  I think pregnancy brain just turns into mommy brain but its worse because you have more to remember. 

Last week I talked about our biggest loser competition and I have added in another challenge for myself this week. The gallon challenge is going alright. I do really well on weekdays but the weekends are tough having enough water around when we are out and about. The challenge I added this week is that I have started doing Insanity! I got the Insanity DVDs as a gift right after I had Amelia (I wasn't insulted, I asked for them :). I tried doing the program 6 weeks postpartum and that was not happening. I was one power jump away from having to wear adult diapers (sorry...TMI). I tried the program again when Amelia was about 4 months old and after 4 days I still felt that I wasn't in good enough shape to start. Well after 3 months of running I am trying again. I completed day 4 (of 60!) today and I am feeling much better about it this time. Don't get me wrong I am entirely exhausted but I am not as discouraged this go around. Hopefully by posting this challenge on here it will keep me motivated to keep my body moving. Here's to being healthy and bathing suit season :)

This post is a shorty because I have to get back to finishing Amelia's crib. I am on my last coat (of 6!!!!!!!!) and I can not wait to be finished! Hopefully I can post pictures of Amelia's semi-complete room next week. 

Last but not least a sweet picture of the Bubbs. One of my earliest memories is sitting on the counter in my PJ's while my dad made breakfast. I can't wait to make these memories with Amelia :)

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