Wednesday, April 3, 2013

31 Weeks

31 Weeks
-Easter in Richmond, Va
-First finger sweep (not fun)
-Started eating puffs
-Started dancing when music is on
-Social Security card (she is official)

This week we have been relaxing and recovering from our trip to Richmond. I have piles of laundry to do and not a lot of motivation to do it. Do you every have those days? I feel like I need a swift kick in the behind to get all my chores done this week. Nothing like 12 hours in the car one way with a baby to drain you of all your energy. The crazy part is that Amelia is a little peach in the car but it is still exhausting. I can't imagine how it would be  if she had been crabby.

Last week before our trip we went in to do our taxes. When we were about finished the accountant was inputting Amelia's information and then asked for her Social Security number. My face must have turned bright red.....we never applied for her Social! Best mom award right here. When she was born they asked if we wanted to do it at the hospital but we said no because we were moving and didn't have a forwarding address. Well here we are 7 months later and I was so embarrassed. Luckily I did have her birth certificate and immunizations so it only took a few days to get her number. Honestly, there are so many days where I feel that I really could use a manual for having a baby. 

Speaking of manuals I am glad I took that infant CPR class last summer. Like I said above, we did our first finger sweep on Amelia.  At our friends house I was feeding her dinner (zucchini and carrots) and somehow she started choking. I was confused at first since it was just pureed food but there must have been a clump because she was fully choking. There was no sound coming out and no coughing, she was just staring at me terrified. It was a moment that you know is going to happen you just don't know when. I thought I would panic but I reached my finger in there and pulled out that clump of baby food and that was that. Amelia of course was still terrified and started screaming but the scream is welcome after the choking. Obviously Amelia is perfectly fine and I am glad that the moment that parents dread is behind us. I know she will probably choke again but I feel comfortable that I can handle it. 

This post is really random but that is how I feel this week. The house is a mess, Amelia's nap time is off, and I had Diet Coke for breakfast so whatever.  Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! 

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  1. I love you should consider writing a book. Seriously. Your loving Father-in-Law.