Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter in Richmond

We were lucky enough to have some time off work for Easter weekend this year. We were so excited we took a drive up to Richmond V-A! Our good friends from the college days live there and a visit was WAY overdue. I was obviously shutter happy so you are in for a double dose of cute. Amelia's BFF Brooke was born 6 days before her.  We are already planning mother's weekend when we visit them in college (because they will obviously be roommates). We drove the 8ish hours up from Atlanta and got right to the good stuff. I had the pleasure of sitting in the back between these two blue eyed babies, and loved every minute of it.

Best friends already right...

We filled up the weekend with Richmond fun. Our first stop on the itinerary was the Poe Museum. Brian loves the work of Poe (hmmm??) so that was high on his list. Amelia and I obviously wore Poe-lka dots for the occasion. 

Mamas and their girls

tough guys??

Amelia was giving me the tour.

Look at that cute family!

Obviously not from the Poe museum, but how
 can you resist a namesake store. 

After the Poe Museum we grabbed some lunch and then headed to the Richmond Museum of Fine Arts. I didn't get any good pictures but the museum was awesome. It is free and HUGE. We spent a good amount of time there and barely scratched the surface. If you are in Richmond hit it up for sure. 

We celebrated Easter Saturday morning since we were going to be driving all day on Sunday. I love making every holiday a big deal and Easter was a favorite growing up. We did egg hunts all the way through high joke. We gave the girls there very first Easter baskets, put them in dresses, and made them pose for any holiday obsessed mom does. 

In her basket was a fisher price ring stack, bubbles, 
an Easter bib, Little Critters Easter book, and 
the Carrot Seed book. Simple but very fun. 

Loving this happy/terrified look on her
face. Maybe it's that huge bow on 
her head. 

Sweet girls. 

Doesn't it look like Amelia is thinking,
OMG mom is this for me?

I put some bubbles in the basket because I thought the girls are be at the perfect age for bubble fun. It was actually really cute.

Following the bubbles land.

This picture cracked me up. Amelia was letting the bubbles pop on her

face. It looks like she is in bubble heaven.

I was giddy over these little peanuts in their Easter
dresses and headbands. 

There was a little eye gouging...

and then make up hugs. So sweet.

After our Easter fun we headed out to Bell Isle for a walk along the James River and a picnic.   The weather was great and it was such a relaxing fun walk. Well it was mostly the guys speed walking with the strollers while Heidi and I tried to keep up. 

Brooke trying out her new stroller. She could not
be any cuter. Love her. 

We also took the girls down to dip their 
little tootsies in the river. Amelia looked like, "Why is this 
big bath so cold?" Brooke on the other hand loved it. It will never get old
watching babies try out new things.

We had such a great weekend and miss them already. 

Happy Easter All!

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