Tuesday, March 26, 2013

30 Weeks & 7 Months

****7 MONTHS****

30 Weeks
-Hit with colds again...boo
-Lots of house projects this week
-Getting ready for Easter
-First Tornado warning
-First official play date

This week has been really laid back because we've been hit with colds again. It seems to be a monthly thing around here. We finally went out and bought a humidifier because Amelia is not as sweet when she doesn't get her sleep (like her Mama). 

We have been hanging out at the house working on projects and getting ready for our Easter trip. Brian got some time off work so we are heading up to Richmond, Va. We are beyond thrilled! Our friends dating back to our Rexburg days live up there and have a little girl 6 days older than Amelia. How perfect is that?!? I have been prepping Amelia all week to meet her future BFF Brooke! I'm sure there will be a ridiculous amount of photos to share when we get back. 

Today Amelia is 7 months old! I feel like each phase is more and more fun. Her personality is starting to come out and we have a blast . I thought I would start to feel bored talking to a baby all the time but she cracks me up.  We did her 7 month pajama shoot today with a little Easter theme. 
The pajamas are a little big but pretty
darn cute..

The pjs even have ears and a little tail. 
Looks a little like a boy
Amelia kicking out her feet so Goose
can lick them...gross!
Sweet girl :)
My favorite.
Little Bubba Foo Foo.
I have a feeling these two will
be getting into trouble together in no time.

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