Tuesday, March 19, 2013

29 Weeks

29 Weeks
-St Patrick's Day!
-Eating too many new foods 
to list
-Chattanooga, TN
-Sitting up and rolling around

Brian had a really long week at work last week so we decided we needed a little day trip.  After some research we decided to head up to Chattanooga, Tennessee. We read about the Aquarium and decided on that as our main destination. It was about an 1 1/2 drive up there, not bad at all. Turns out Chattanooga is a great city. We didn't see much of the actual city, but we loved what we saw. The aquarium was really fun, a unique set up that made the whole experience relaxing and fun. The aquarium is also on the Tennessee river, so fun!

I loved seeing the Alligator. This might be due to 
watching Swamp People lately....

turtle/tortoise? shell. 

Yes I made Brian pose in the shark tank.

After the aquarium we walked to a pedestrian bridge over the river. Brian read that it was the longest or largest pedestrian bridge in the world...I don't know, it was pretty long though. We lucked out with the most beautiful weather so we walked the whole thing. We also lucked out that it was nap time and Amelia was sleeping away. 

After the walk we were famished so we headed over to Big River Grille. The food was good but I think even if it wasn't we wouldn't have noticed. With the aquarium, the walk, and spending time together it was the perfect day trip. 

Those are some happy faces. 

p.s. Every week when I take Bubba's picture it takes anywhere from 5-10 shots to get a good one. Well this week we have a hilarious outtake that I could not help but share.  Amelia smiles 90% of the time, and loves getting her picture taken...such a little doll. Occasionally she will try to shout talk to me and we get something like the picture below. 

I can 
NOT stop laughing
at this
picture. She looks terrified!

p.s. II- Just a reminder it you want to check out house progress check out our other blog The Golden Peach. Happy Spring!

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