Wednesday, March 6, 2013

27 Weeks

27 Weeks
-15 pounds (25%) & 25 inches (50%)
-Sitting up but not really rolling over
-Sitting in a high chair (upgrade from the Bumbo)

As you can see in the weekly picture Amelia is sitting up on her own. She isn't getting into the sitting position on her own but does pretty well when I sit her up. We have the occasional face plant but she is pretty tough. She still doesn't roll over from her back to her front though. I think she could roll she just doesn't seem very interested in doing it.  She is so pensive that when I lay her on her back and give her a toy she just checks out the toy for a good 30 minutes. Too cute! 

Amelia had her 6 month appointment this week and it went well. She is starting to move up in the percentiles so the solid food is working. She loves to eat! When I sit her down to feed her I can hardly shovel the food in fast enough before she starts screeching at me. It pretty funny and slightly annoying. I don't do well with a lot of noise (probably going to need to get over that...I put in some pictures of her first day in the high chair. She was trilled to be sitting in the chair. She was all smiles and felt so proud of herself. 
face full of food (messy eater like her momma)

looks so tiny

I couldn't stop laughing at her tiny little legs
sticking straight
 out under the high chair.

We have been knee deep in house project this past week.  We have done a chalkboard wall, kitchen demolition, painting, wallpaper removing, and lots of organizing. I am considering starting a blog that is all about house projects (keep me organized). I have been documenting and taking plenty of pictures of our projects. As soon as I get the new blog up and running I'll let you know! In more house news I won a blog give away yesterday from Yellow Brick Home. I can't wait to get my 3 8x10 prints from their print shop on Etsy. I will share all the details when we get them. 

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