Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter in Richmond

We were lucky enough to have some time off work for Easter weekend this year. We were so excited we took a drive up to Richmond V-A! Our good friends from the college days live there and a visit was WAY overdue. I was obviously shutter happy so you are in for a double dose of cute. Amelia's BFF Brooke was born 6 days before her.  We are already planning mother's weekend when we visit them in college (because they will obviously be roommates). We drove the 8ish hours up from Atlanta and got right to the good stuff. I had the pleasure of sitting in the back between these two blue eyed babies, and loved every minute of it.

Best friends already right...

We filled up the weekend with Richmond fun. Our first stop on the itinerary was the Poe Museum. Brian loves the work of Poe (hmmm??) so that was high on his list. Amelia and I obviously wore Poe-lka dots for the occasion. 

Mamas and their girls

tough guys??

Amelia was giving me the tour.

Look at that cute family!

Obviously not from the Poe museum, but how
 can you resist a namesake store. 

After the Poe Museum we grabbed some lunch and then headed to the Richmond Museum of Fine Arts. I didn't get any good pictures but the museum was awesome. It is free and HUGE. We spent a good amount of time there and barely scratched the surface. If you are in Richmond hit it up for sure. 

We celebrated Easter Saturday morning since we were going to be driving all day on Sunday. I love making every holiday a big deal and Easter was a favorite growing up. We did egg hunts all the way through high joke. We gave the girls there very first Easter baskets, put them in dresses, and made them pose for any holiday obsessed mom does. 

In her basket was a fisher price ring stack, bubbles, 
an Easter bib, Little Critters Easter book, and 
the Carrot Seed book. Simple but very fun. 

Loving this happy/terrified look on her
face. Maybe it's that huge bow on 
her head. 

Sweet girls. 

Doesn't it look like Amelia is thinking,
OMG mom is this for me?

I put some bubbles in the basket because I thought the girls are be at the perfect age for bubble fun. It was actually really cute.

Following the bubbles land.

This picture cracked me up. Amelia was letting the bubbles pop on her

face. It looks like she is in bubble heaven.

I was giddy over these little peanuts in their Easter
dresses and headbands. 

There was a little eye gouging...

and then make up hugs. So sweet.

After our Easter fun we headed out to Bell Isle for a walk along the James River and a picnic.   The weather was great and it was such a relaxing fun walk. Well it was mostly the guys speed walking with the strollers while Heidi and I tried to keep up. 

Brooke trying out her new stroller. She could not
be any cuter. Love her. 

We also took the girls down to dip their 
little tootsies in the river. Amelia looked like, "Why is this 
big bath so cold?" Brooke on the other hand loved it. It will never get old
watching babies try out new things.

We had such a great weekend and miss them already. 

Happy Easter All!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

30 Weeks & 7 Months

****7 MONTHS****

30 Weeks
-Hit with colds
-Lots of house projects this week
-Getting ready for Easter
-First Tornado warning
-First official play date

This week has been really laid back because we've been hit with colds again. It seems to be a monthly thing around here. We finally went out and bought a humidifier because Amelia is not as sweet when she doesn't get her sleep (like her Mama). 

We have been hanging out at the house working on projects and getting ready for our Easter trip. Brian got some time off work so we are heading up to Richmond, Va. We are beyond thrilled! Our friends dating back to our Rexburg days live up there and have a little girl 6 days older than Amelia. How perfect is that?!? I have been prepping Amelia all week to meet her future BFF Brooke! I'm sure there will be a ridiculous amount of photos to share when we get back. 

Today Amelia is 7 months old! I feel like each phase is more and more fun. Her personality is starting to come out and we have a blast . I thought I would start to feel bored talking to a baby all the time but she cracks me up.  We did her 7 month pajama shoot today with a little Easter theme. 
The pajamas are a little big but pretty
darn cute..

The pjs even have ears and a little tail. 
Looks a little like a boy
Amelia kicking out her feet so Goose
can lick them...gross!
Sweet girl :)
My favorite.
Little Bubba Foo Foo.
I have a feeling these two will
be getting into trouble together in no time.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

29 Weeks

29 Weeks
-St Patrick's Day!
-Eating too many new foods 
to list
-Chattanooga, TN
-Sitting up and rolling around

Brian had a really long week at work last week so we decided we needed a little day trip.  After some research we decided to head up to Chattanooga, Tennessee. We read about the Aquarium and decided on that as our main destination. It was about an 1 1/2 drive up there, not bad at all. Turns out Chattanooga is a great city. We didn't see much of the actual city, but we loved what we saw. The aquarium was really fun, a unique set up that made the whole experience relaxing and fun. The aquarium is also on the Tennessee river, so fun!

I loved seeing the Alligator. This might be due to 
watching Swamp People lately....

turtle/tortoise? shell. 

Yes I made Brian pose in the shark tank.

After the aquarium we walked to a pedestrian bridge over the river. Brian read that it was the longest or largest pedestrian bridge in the world...I don't know, it was pretty long though. We lucked out with the most beautiful weather so we walked the whole thing. We also lucked out that it was nap time and Amelia was sleeping away. 

After the walk we were famished so we headed over to Big River Grille. The food was good but I think even if it wasn't we wouldn't have noticed. With the aquarium, the walk, and spending time together it was the perfect day trip. 

Those are some happy faces. 

p.s. Every week when I take Bubba's picture it takes anywhere from 5-10 shots to get a good one. Well this week we have a hilarious outtake that I could not help but share.  Amelia smiles 90% of the time, and loves getting her picture taken...such a little doll. Occasionally she will try to shout talk to me and we get something like the picture below. 

I can 
NOT stop laughing
at this
picture. She looks terrified!

p.s. II- Just a reminder it you want to check out house progress check out our other blog The Golden Peach. Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Around our house we don't usually go big for the holidays, they normally just get a little shout out. However, now that Amelia is here and getting more and more of a personality it is making the holidays much more fun. 

We started off the morning with a festive breakfast. I saw this cute St. Patty's day breakfast idea here and thought I would give it a try. I think it turned out pretty cute.  Green pancakes topped with whipped cream and lucky charms. 

Yes, I did pinch Brian until he got
out of bed and put on a green shirt...

Unfortunately they look a lot better than they tasted. For some reason I am terrible at making pancakes, burnt on the edges gooey in the middle....gross. Hopefully when Amelia is old enough to eat them I'll figure it out. 

Since I love a holiday photo shoot, after Church Amelia and I got right to it. First we posed in front of my holiday chalkboard. The funny thing about this picture is that Brian was sleeping so it's a selfie. I don't have a tripod (wish list) so my camera is balanced on top of books on top of a ladder.  I'm resourceful like that. The funny part was trying to get it set up and getting into position in 10 seconds. This might explain that look on Amelia's face. 

On Saturday night I had a panic attack when I realized Amelia didn't have anything green to wear for her FIRST St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I may have overreacted a little but that is my style. I wouldn't be me if I wasn't having an anxiety attack over trivial ridiculous things. I rummaged through some bins of clothes and discovered a little green tutu. Well, that will do. I added a gold headband (homemade thanks to a tutorial from some helpful friends) and her outfit was set. Basically I panicked for no reason at all....story of my life. 

Amelia is sitting up now so our little holiday pictures turned out cute. In person she is a serious inquisitive baby but put that camera up and BAM! she turns it on. Funny girl. 
I love how she angled her body 
here. Almost
like an awkward posed school 
After this picture I squealed, "Are you kidding me??" out
of pure excitement. I am dying
of this little  Leprechaun cuteness.
Something else that makes me giddy...
tights on babies.  
Shot of the tutu. 
More squeals of excitement :)

Never in a million years did I think I would be the mom making green pancakes, dressing her up in tutus, and making her do holiday photo shoots. Ya know what, I'm gonna own it. Past Tara you can pipe down because I LOVE it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

28 Weeks & House News

28 Weeks
-Amelia loves sitting up
-Tried carrots and oatmeal
-Went out to dinner with friends
-Becoming very attached to mom and dad
-Says Hi (kinda)

Here we are again....28 weeks and Amelia is changing every day.  Lately she had been struggling a little with sleep. This will be the first time in her short little life that we have struggled with night time sleep. I put her down and she SCREAMS! Not just a little crying but SCREAMING. I am all for letting her cry it out but 45 minutes later and still screaming.....yikes.  I will go in every 5 minutes to let her know I am there but she just wants to be held. At first I thought maybe she was in pain or teething but nope. She calms right down, even starts laughing when I pick her up....little stinker. The pediatrician warned us this might be coming and that we need to let her work it out on her own.  We'll see how it goes but I am not loving this stage. Well I'm not loving it until I see her in the morning and she is just so cute that I forget all about the night before. Too cute in her little hat :)

Onto some house news.  I have decided to start an all things home blog. If you want to check it out and all the happenings you can check it out by clicking here. The blog is called The Golden Peach and I am going to try and post all about projects, crafts, and all the fun things that come with owning a home.  We have been having a great time and can't wait to learn all we can about DIY life!