Tuesday, February 26, 2013

6 Months!!!! (26 Weeks)

*****Happy 1/2 Birthday Amelia*****

26 Weeks
-6 Months old today!!!
-Still very sick with a cold :(
-Started Avocado
-Tried a sippy cup....
-Loves going on runs in the stroller

I love birthdays! I love birthdays so much that I usually celebrate my own half birthday every year.  I was excited when we got up this morning to celebrate Amelia's 1/2 birthday! By celebrate I mean do the same stuff that we do everyday, add in a photo-shoot and maybe give Bubba a little taste of something sweet. Well poor Bubba is so sick :( She has a bad cold and is not sleeping and CRABBY! My sweet baby has turned into a snotty, sneezy, whiny, crying, gremlin. So sad. In between all the nose suctioning and sitting in the steam of the hot shower we managed to sneak in a little photo shoot.  We did her normal monthly pajama pictures and I wanted to take a walk down memory lane from all of our other pajama pictures.  


 I also put Amelia in a festive shirt and took a couple pictures for the celebration! She is clearly thrilled.....

Our 6 month well check is tomorrow so we will find our her stats.  Since starting food she has grown quite a bit so I look forward to hearing her height and weight. I strategically scheduled her appointment so Brian can go with me because baby shots are super sad/totally awful.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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