Tuesday, February 26, 2013

6 Months!!!! (26 Weeks)

*****Happy 1/2 Birthday Amelia*****

26 Weeks
-6 Months old today!!!
-Still very sick with a cold :(
-Started Avocado
-Tried a sippy cup....
-Loves going on runs in the stroller

I love birthdays! I love birthdays so much that I usually celebrate my own half birthday every year.  I was excited when we got up this morning to celebrate Amelia's 1/2 birthday! By celebrate I mean do the same stuff that we do everyday, add in a photo-shoot and maybe give Bubba a little taste of something sweet. Well poor Bubba is so sick :( She has a bad cold and is not sleeping and CRABBY! My sweet baby has turned into a snotty, sneezy, whiny, crying, gremlin. So sad. In between all the nose suctioning and sitting in the steam of the hot shower we managed to sneak in a little photo shoot.  We did her normal monthly pajama pictures and I wanted to take a walk down memory lane from all of our other pajama pictures.  


 I also put Amelia in a festive shirt and took a couple pictures for the celebration! She is clearly thrilled.....

Our 6 month well check is tomorrow so we will find our her stats.  Since starting food she has grown quite a bit so I look forward to hearing her height and weight. I strategically scheduled her appointment so Brian can go with me because baby shots are super sad/totally awful.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Friday, February 22, 2013

25 Weeks

25 Weeks
-Colds are circulating :(
-Started bananas!
-Starting training for 5K
-First Zumba Class

We have been homebodies this week because a little cold has been circulating around our little family. The last 2 days have been a lot of laying around and TV watching because I'm not a very good sick person and neither is Brian.  

This week has been pretty productive other than the cold running around.  Brian and I have decided to start a biggest loser competition between us.  We are doing it for 12 weeks and whoever loses the highest percentage of weight loss wins the ultimate prize of....losing weight :) I still have 10lbs of baby weight (lame) and I started my pregnancy about 10lbs up anyway (even more lame) so my goal is 20 lbs. Brian has a goal of around 30lbs because he put on a little sympathy weight. I have started a 5K training program this week which has been great.  I found the Couch to 5K app for my phone and it is a 3x a week training.  I am not a runner and the program is really great.  It starts out slow with a run/walk program and builds up over the weeks until I am doing the 5K in under 30 minutes.  I also went to my first ever Zumba class this week.  I loved it.  I have a little bit of a dance background so I'm able to keep up pretty good.  It is such a great workout and you almost don't notice how hard you're working because it is so much fun.  Other than working out more regularly I have started watching what I'm eating.  I am a pretty healthy eater but I think I tend to overeat if anything, well and I LOVE sodium....The diet hasn't changed much other than I am writing it down so I am more aware of how much I'm eating compared to how much I'm moving.  I feel great after 5 days and I think I'll start to really notice a difference soon :)

Another thing I did this week was FILL my freezer with baby food.  Brian bought me a very nice blender and I took full advantage of it this week.  I waited until I got my Co op basket of goodies and based my baby food making off of that.  This week we got some yellow squash, avocados, bananas, carrots and green beans that I turned into baby food.  We have only tried sweet potatoes and bananas so far.  Amelia does love sweet potatoes but the bananas are slowly growing on her.  I assumed she would love the sweetness of the bananas but it took three feedings before she stopped making the "ewww" face to the bananas. I have really enjoyed making the food and I enjoy knowing that it wont go to waste.  Since it is just pureed fruits and veggies if she doesn't like something or we don't use it all I can throw it in with my smoothies.   

Hopefully this cold makes its way through soon.  Not that anyone call tell that Amelia doesn't feel good....so cute.  

Her eyes still look really dark, the are a deep blue.

This is her face 90% of the time.  Happy = tongue out. 

She loves laying on my lap with her back arched. This picture made
me laugh because it looks like a selfie. haha.

Friday, February 15, 2013

24 Weeks

Happy Love Day!

Little smooch on her cheek for Valentine's Day!
I looked like the joker
with that color lipstick on :)

24 Weeks
-Valentine's Day!
-Sleeping in her own room
-Eating sweet potatoes
-Rolled over from back to front
-Lots of "talking" and laughing

This is our last week with my mom visiting. I don't know what we are going to do when she leaves, it has been so much fun.  We spent some time visiting with my Aunt Elaine and thrift store shopping.  I am working on a project or collection I should say. I have been picking up ceramic pitchers from thrift stores for around $1-$2 each and spraying them all the same color.  It is turning out really great and will be the main decor in my dining room.  The dining table is also coming along so I can't wait to show everyone as it all comes together.  We have yet to complete a room but we are slowly making progress.  

Amelia is finally sleeping in her own room.  I didn't have a time frame in mind for when I would make the move but when I got back from California it felt like the right time.  She is of course doing great because she is a baby and doesn't know the difference.  It took me a day or two for the adjustment but I feel that I am getting better sleep now that she is in her own space.  Now what to do about that dog that keeps jumping up on my bed...

We also started sweet potatoes this week! She seems to like them and I definitely notice her chunky little thighs are coming in. I have decided to make my own baby food because I'm home and belong to a great Co-op with lots of fruits and veggies. Making the food was pretty basic but I only have a magic bullet so it took a little longer than I would have liked but I'm stocked up for a few weeks now.  Totally worth it and I'm guessing would save me around $30-$40 a month.  

As we are nearing Amelia's 6 month mark (should we celebrate??), I wanted to take a look back at her newborn and 3 month pictures to remember.  I love looking back to see all the changes. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

23 Weeks

23 Weeks
-Amelia's Blessing!
-Back in Georgia
-Superbowl :(
-Civil War Museums (thanks Dad)
-5 Month Pajama pictures :)

We are back in Georgia!! We had a great time but we definitely missed Brian, Goosey, and the house.  My parents flew back with us which made the flight much much easier.  I would also recommend sitting in the front of the plane if possible with kids.  We were able to put a blanket down and Amelia could move around and stretch out, it was perfect. 

It has been a busy week in the Yoast house (hence the super late post). When we arrived we got straight to the fun.  We were so lucky to have both sets of Grandparents in town for the blessing.  We did Amelia's blessing much later than normal because we really wanted the Grandparents there so this is when we could do it.  Amelia looked so cute in her dress which is the dress I wore when I was blessed so long ago.  My mom bought the dress at a second hand store and said it was old when I wore it 27 years ago, so it is very antique looking.  I love it. She looked like a living doll.  Brian did such a great job with the blessing.  He is so sweet with Amelia and I can just tell how much he loves her.  His blessing was short and very sweet. My favorite part of the blessing was when he asked that she be an example to those around her.  I feel that it suites her and she will live up to those words. 

We look so awkward here, not sure why. 


While my dad was here we had to hit up a couple museums. He minored in history and loves LOVES all things civil war. We went to the Southern Museum of Locomotive and Civil War History and also the Museum of Kennesaw Mountain.  Both were super thrilling.....okay, not really my cup of tea but they were nice museums. My dad loved them both.  Amelia and I flew through the museums but we stayed for around 2-3 hours because my dad reads EVERYTHING.  I am happy that he was able to enjoy his time.  I would definitely recommend going to Kennesaw Mountain and battlefield.  The museum was interesting but there are a lot of hiking trails and it is very pretty, even for a picnic.  

Kennesaw Mountain

Lucky for us my mom is still visiting for another week so we have some antique and thrift store shopping in our future.  We are on the hunt for some furniture so wish us luck.  I have also made my first batch of baby food tonight and I can't wait for Amelia to try it tomorrow. We joined a co-op with some other families and I got a few sweet potatoes so I decided to use those for her first solid food.  She has been eating rice cereal for the past two weeks so I think she is ready to move on up to the good stuff.  My first baby food making experience was pretty good.  I boiled 2 sweet potatoes, mashed them by hand, blended them, and then put them through a strainer.  With just 2 potatoes I made enough for around 3 weeks. We'll see how it goes.

Last I wanted to leave you with a couple extra pictures of Amelia.

This was after hour 2 at the museum and my dad was still reading away.  We just started goofing around and her personality is really starting to show :)

Her 5 month pajama photo shoot. She is just so sweet and inquisitive.  She is beautiful and makes my job as a mom very rewarding.  I feel lucky :)