Thursday, January 31, 2013

22 Weeks

22 Weeks
-Celebrated Papouli's birthday in Sacramento
-Started eating rice cereal
-Tasted lemon & frosting (dang Yia-Yia)
-Another cold (poor thing)

Amelia and I are still on our trip in California.  We have had the most relaxing two weeks and are heading back to Georgia in a couple of days.  It's funny as soon as Amelia has adjusted fully to the time difference we are turning around and going back.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be though. Once again I got lucky with an accommodating baby.  She even sat through my hair appointment and my mom's today and just hung out. So sweet.  

We started Amelia on solids this week which is thrilling I know.  I feel like a bit of a goober writing all of this down but this is a way for me to remember everything. She seems to like it but the mess it makes grosses me out.  I can't imagine when she starts eating the smelly meat how I'll feel. I think we are gonna keep her on rice for a couple weeks and then start to add in veggies, fruit, and meat.  I plan on making my own baby food so I wanted to wait until I was back home to jump on that train. Also of course my mom felt that Amelia wanted a little taste of my brother's birthday cake frosting so she got her first little taste of sweet.  That's what Grandma's are for :)

Well we have had such a great time in California.  I am happy that Amelia has been able to spend quality time with family and am a little sad to go back. I am missing Brian and my Goosey baby really bad though. I find myself being overly attached to my mom's crazy dog because I miss Goose.  Brian even told me that he almost asked to hold a friend's baby because he misses Amelia so much. I think living across the country from my family will always carry a bitter sweet feeling when I have to go home.  At least we have skype :) 

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