Friday, January 11, 2013

19 Weeks


19 Weeks
-12lbs 8oz (10th%)
-24.75" long (50th%)
-4 month checkup and shots

We had our 4 month checkup and shots this week. Everything went really well.  She is still a little peanut but she is growing.  During the exam the Dr. said she noticed a slight murmur when listening to her heart but isn't worried about it. Apparently they are pretty common, my mom and sister-in-law both have them, so no need to worry.  Amelia did great at the Dr.  She makes it so easy for  me, I feel pretty lucky.  I made Brian come with me for this appointment so he could experience the fun of shots.  He always handles things so well and I think his calming presence helped her as well. Last time I could not calm her down after shots. This time when the shots were done she was back to her smiling self in about 10 minutes.  I guess Brian will have to go every time now :)

This is her before shots pictures.  She loved just hanging out 
sitting up at the table. She was even 
smiling for the Dr. She isn't the most
smiley with strangers but she was hamming it up. 

The picture on the left is funny because she hadn't received a shot yet but her eyes started tearing like
she knew what was coming.  Just the saddest little face.  Then the picture on the left is what
happens when a baby gets 4 shots straight to the thigh.  Yikes.  
She looks totally bald, but she actually does have a little hair. It is coming
in a little lighter than I expected. 

Back home from the Dr. like it never happened :)


ps. We painted the entire downstairs so I will try and get some pictures taken.  It is turning out great and I am exhausted! 

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