Wednesday, January 2, 2013

18 Weeks

18 Weeks
-Helen, Ga (Little Bavaria)
-Stone Mountain
-Museum of Natural History
-The Varsity
-New Year Party!
-Lemon Feast with the Fosters

 We had a very exciting and eventful week over here in Georgia.  We found a list recently of top 50 things to do in Georgia and we are gonna start crossing things off the list.  Since we were lucky to have family visiting it was the perfect time to get to that list. The first stop on our weekend of fun was Helen, Ga.  It is a little slice of Bavaria in Northern Georgia.  It was a sweet little town and we had a great time.  It was also freezing! We walked around and explored all the little shops with a quick lunch at the troll tavern (cause it's under the bridge).
It was so freezing!

As we were driving home we saw some signs for a place called Babyland.  This is apparently where they make cabbage patch dolls.  It was the huge plantation looking building that is supposed to be the general hospital for the dolls.  It was cute and also super weird. I think it might be fun to go back when Amelia is older but for now it was fun just to check it out. I never realized how weird looking cabbage patch dolls are.

Stone Mountain, Ga was also on the list. It is a huge park that surrounds a "stone" mountain. It was beautiful and we look forward to the summer time when they do light shows on the mountain. We enjoyed walking around and watching people sledding down the man made snow mountain. 

We headed into Atlanta on Monday to check out the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. They had an exhibit on Genghis Khan.  It was pretty fun, I think kids would enjoy it a lot.  It could have been because I was just hungry but I got over it kinda fast. We did take some fun pictures and we saw every inch of it. I would recommend it for families with older kids for sure though. 

Amelia was such a doll the whole time.  She loves looking around
and she sleeps so much better when she is active.

How funny is this?

Had to add this last picture in. Brian was feeding her a bottle
at the museum and my heart
about exploded with her hanging onto his pinky and 
thumb and looking up at him. So sweet. 

The last stop on our weekend of fun was to The Varsity. It is a hot dog/hamburger place in Atlanta. The food is okay but it is more about the experience. They yell at you and you have to move fast.  If you go get the Orange drink, worth it. 

For New Year's Eve we hung out with some friends and had a great time setting off fireworks and ringing in the new year.  To start off the New Year we joined the Foster family for a Lemon celebration (on account of a fruitful lemon bush). The food was delicious as always and the company was great. We are starting the year off right and will to continue checking things off our Georgia list. 

Hope everyone had a great Holiday season and here is to a new year! Happy 2013 :)

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