Thursday, January 31, 2013

22 Weeks

22 Weeks
-Celebrated Papouli's birthday in Sacramento
-Started eating rice cereal
-Tasted lemon & frosting (dang Yia-Yia)
-Another cold (poor thing)

Amelia and I are still on our trip in California.  We have had the most relaxing two weeks and are heading back to Georgia in a couple of days.  It's funny as soon as Amelia has adjusted fully to the time difference we are turning around and going back.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be though. Once again I got lucky with an accommodating baby.  She even sat through my hair appointment and my mom's today and just hung out. So sweet.  

We started Amelia on solids this week which is thrilling I know.  I feel like a bit of a goober writing all of this down but this is a way for me to remember everything. She seems to like it but the mess it makes grosses me out.  I can't imagine when she starts eating the smelly meat how I'll feel. I think we are gonna keep her on rice for a couple weeks and then start to add in veggies, fruit, and meat.  I plan on making my own baby food so I wanted to wait until I was back home to jump on that train. Also of course my mom felt that Amelia wanted a little taste of my brother's birthday cake frosting so she got her first little taste of sweet.  That's what Grandma's are for :)

Well we have had such a great time in California.  I am happy that Amelia has been able to spend quality time with family and am a little sad to go back. I am missing Brian and my Goosey baby really bad though. I find myself being overly attached to my mom's crazy dog because I miss Goose.  Brian even told me that he almost asked to hold a friend's baby because he misses Amelia so much. I think living across the country from my family will always carry a bitter sweet feeling when I have to go home.  At least we have skype :) 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

21 Weeks

sorry for the grainy picture had to take it on my phone this week

21 Weeks
-First Flight to California!!!!

This big new this week is that Amelia and I flew to California! We surprised my parents as a late Christmas present and showed up at the house on last Friday. We get to stay for 2 weeks! We have been having a great time relaxing and hanging out with family and friends.  

Overall the flight went really well.  We took off from Atlanta around 6:30am and arrived in Oakland at 10:30am (on account of the 3 hour time change).  We had a layover in Denver but stayed on the plane so we ended up being on the same plane for about 7 hours.  I was so nervous leading up to the flight.  Not only was this the first flight with Amelia but I was by myself and it was around 7 hours long. Yikes! Amelia was her little accommodating self and a total trooper.  I fed her on takeoffs and landings and she for the first time slowly drifted off to sleep.  The truth is she normally goes to sleep on an empty stomach and I think she was just so full it put her into a daze. We had one moment on the way to Denver where she was really tired and cried for about 5 minutes.  Longest 5 minutes of my life and old man river across the isle was given me the eye but other than that it was smooth 

When we fly back to Georgia I will be with my parents so it will be a little (or a lot) easier.  There were a couple of moments that I wished that I had someone to hold the baby during the flight.  Moments like when I needed to go to the restroom, when she was sleeping and my arm was falling asleep, or when I needed to get diapers out. Luckily there was a changing table in the airplane bathroom.  For the next flight I will do some things a little differently but overall I will call it a success.  I have some pictures from the flight but since I am without my computer they will have to wait until I am back in Georgia.  

When we got to Oakland we had a 3 hour drive up to Ukiah and Amelia was exhausted so she slept most of the drive.  The time change was a real doozy for the first 2 days.  She was out at 4:30pm so I had to wake her at 7ish and do our bedtime routine.  She also has woken up everyday around 4-5am and I haven't been able to break that yet.  I'm really not trying to hard because she is still taking her naps really well and sleeping at night for at least 9-10 hours.  Also we are going to have to readjust to Georgia time so I'm not too worried about it.  

We are having a great time hanging out in Ukiah and Amelia loves my Mom's dog Abby.  They are about the same size and Amelia cracks up when she sees her.  We plan on heading to Sacramento this weekend to visit with family. Lots of adventures to share in the next couple of weeks! It's still hard to believe all the things we have done in Amelia's short little life. Also we upped her onesie size to 6 months! She finally outgrew her 3 month onesies, yay! Until next time....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

20 Weeks

20 Weeks
-Chattahoochee River Walk
-Lots of giggling and babbling

I apologize but this post is going to be lame because I am busy busy today. 

We had a pretty chill week because I have been having trouble sleeping.  For the past five years I have struggled with sleeping and the insomnia is full force right now.  I get around 3 hours a night, which is frustrating because Amelia gets 11! I can't even blame a new baby for my constant fatigue. I have tried sleepy time tea, warm milk, exercise, TV, reading....the list goes on.  The only thing that helped me before was Melatonin supplements.  I don't think Melatonin is okay for nursing so I haven't taken it.  I have started Amelia on formula and rice cereal (kinda) so I'm thinking that for my health (and Brian's sanity) I may need to start weening and be done nursing around 6 months.  We'll see how it goes.

So I have a busy day and a busy weekend that I can't wait to share with you guys.  Sorry no house pictures yet but they are in the works. You'll have to settle for a sweet Bubba picture instead.    

trying to sit up :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

19 Weeks


19 Weeks
-12lbs 8oz (10th%)
-24.75" long (50th%)
-4 month checkup and shots

We had our 4 month checkup and shots this week. Everything went really well.  She is still a little peanut but she is growing.  During the exam the Dr. said she noticed a slight murmur when listening to her heart but isn't worried about it. Apparently they are pretty common, my mom and sister-in-law both have them, so no need to worry.  Amelia did great at the Dr.  She makes it so easy for  me, I feel pretty lucky.  I made Brian come with me for this appointment so he could experience the fun of shots.  He always handles things so well and I think his calming presence helped her as well. Last time I could not calm her down after shots. This time when the shots were done she was back to her smiling self in about 10 minutes.  I guess Brian will have to go every time now :)

This is her before shots pictures.  She loved just hanging out 
sitting up at the table. She was even 
smiling for the Dr. She isn't the most
smiley with strangers but she was hamming it up. 

The picture on the left is funny because she hadn't received a shot yet but her eyes started tearing like
she knew what was coming.  Just the saddest little face.  Then the picture on the left is what
happens when a baby gets 4 shots straight to the thigh.  Yikes.  
She looks totally bald, but she actually does have a little hair. It is coming
in a little lighter than I expected. 

Back home from the Dr. like it never happened :)


ps. We painted the entire downstairs so I will try and get some pictures taken.  It is turning out great and I am exhausted! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

18 Weeks

18 Weeks
-Helen, Ga (Little Bavaria)
-Stone Mountain
-Museum of Natural History
-The Varsity
-New Year Party!
-Lemon Feast with the Fosters

 We had a very exciting and eventful week over here in Georgia.  We found a list recently of top 50 things to do in Georgia and we are gonna start crossing things off the list.  Since we were lucky to have family visiting it was the perfect time to get to that list. The first stop on our weekend of fun was Helen, Ga.  It is a little slice of Bavaria in Northern Georgia.  It was a sweet little town and we had a great time.  It was also freezing! We walked around and explored all the little shops with a quick lunch at the troll tavern (cause it's under the bridge).
It was so freezing!

As we were driving home we saw some signs for a place called Babyland.  This is apparently where they make cabbage patch dolls.  It was the huge plantation looking building that is supposed to be the general hospital for the dolls.  It was cute and also super weird. I think it might be fun to go back when Amelia is older but for now it was fun just to check it out. I never realized how weird looking cabbage patch dolls are.

Stone Mountain, Ga was also on the list. It is a huge park that surrounds a "stone" mountain. It was beautiful and we look forward to the summer time when they do light shows on the mountain. We enjoyed walking around and watching people sledding down the man made snow mountain. 

We headed into Atlanta on Monday to check out the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. They had an exhibit on Genghis Khan.  It was pretty fun, I think kids would enjoy it a lot.  It could have been because I was just hungry but I got over it kinda fast. We did take some fun pictures and we saw every inch of it. I would recommend it for families with older kids for sure though. 

Amelia was such a doll the whole time.  She loves looking around
and she sleeps so much better when she is active.

How funny is this?

Had to add this last picture in. Brian was feeding her a bottle
at the museum and my heart
about exploded with her hanging onto his pinky and 
thumb and looking up at him. So sweet. 

The last stop on our weekend of fun was to The Varsity. It is a hot dog/hamburger place in Atlanta. The food is okay but it is more about the experience. They yell at you and you have to move fast.  If you go get the Orange drink, worth it. 

For New Year's Eve we hung out with some friends and had a great time setting off fireworks and ringing in the new year.  To start off the New Year we joined the Foster family for a Lemon celebration (on account of a fruitful lemon bush). The food was delicious as always and the company was great. We are starting the year off right and will to continue checking things off our Georgia list. 

Hope everyone had a great Holiday season and here is to a new year! Happy 2013 :)