Monday, December 30, 2013

16 Months

Love this picture! She helped me draw this months chalkboard. 

16 Months
-22.5 lbs & 29 ins (at 15 month checkup)
- Eating everything in sight and still a champion sleeper.
-Loves saying "no" to everything. EVERYTHING. It's too cute
to get mad....right now. 
-Back on the paci (just during naps).
-Loved the holidays as much as her momma.
-Loves giving EVERYTHING kisses, except mom. Mostly Goose.

I don't have a lot to report this month. Amelia is doing really well. She seems to be on track with everything. She loves coloring and reading. She loves dancing and climbing up on the furniture. 

I guess one thing to report is we will be visiting the cardiologist next month for some tests. The doctors noticed a little heart murmur when she was around 6 months old. They have never seemed to have any issues with it until the last appointment the Dr. felt like it was time to get it checked out. Usually they start to fade by her age but Amelia's is getting louder. I am gonna put it out there, I am not worried about it. She is healthy and growing normally, there are no signs that there is a larger issue so I am not worried. Just something to report. It's funny I am a super anxious and prone to stress but some things just don't stress me out. I will worry if there is something to worry about, and I will keep you posted. 

Now that the holidays are over we are in full house mode. We got a realtor and we have been scheduling appointments every weekend. We are coming up short because there is really nothing out there. Hopefully in the next couple of months something comes up because we have to be out of our rental early May. It will be a sad day to move away from our beach vacay home but I can't wait to get into our own place with our own furniture. Wish us luck!

Last but not least, Amelia's monthly pajama picture.

My mom gave Amelia these pajamas last Christmas and we couldn't wait for her to wear them. She looks like a little elf. Look at that receding hair line! I LOVE it! 

Have a fantastic New Year's celebration! I am writing down my resolutions and I hope to make them last through January.  Here is to a happy and healthy 2014!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Merriest of Days

We had a wonderfully Merry Christmas this year. I was a little sad leading up to Christmas because we weren't going to see any family, but luckily for Skype we were able to celebrate together and had a great time. 

Before I get into the details lets take a look back at Amelia from just last Christmas. 
Look at that little baldy!
Flash forward a year to a little more hair and she still the sweetest little thing. We have had a great time celebrating the holiday for the entire month. Amelia has loved waking up to a Christmas tree every morning and if the lights aren't on she promptly let me know. 

We weren't going to be traveling this year so we didn't plan much for the holiday. We basically wanted good food, some gifts, and more good food. Oh and a lot of relaxing! 

We rarely eat sweet treats so we take advantage for the holidays. Cinnamon rolls, peppermint bark (all the way from Cali), and Christmas crepes. My family has had crepes for Christmas breakfast every Christmas I can remember. And yes I add whip cream and blueberries to almost every sweet breakfast. Love.

We spent Christmas Eve driving around looking at lights and reading Christmas stories in our pajamas.  After Amelia went to bed we put on The Christmas Story marathon and finished last minute wrapping and assembling. 
I used butcher paper and twine for wrapping.
 Cost around $10 for the butcher paper that will last 
for at least 2 more holiday seasons. I think it looks so cute too!

When Christmas morning came, I made Brian put on matching pajamas and we got to work on the presents. Amelia seemed to enjoy it and was really excited opening up a lot of the presents. She has not put down a stuffed minnie mouse we got from Brian's Aunts and she loves the easel my mom sent. Oh and of course she loved all of Goose's presents and kept those for herself as well.  
She also loved the overalls her Aunt Kiki sent. She looked like a little farmer.

We feel blessed to have each other and our families during this holiday season. We definitely feel the love with all the gifts that were sent. Thanks to all those that thought of us. Amelia is a lucky girl. 

I hope everyone had the Merriest Christmas and here is to a fantastic New Year!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow Day!

We have had 2 snow storms come through in the last 4 days! Basically just massive amounts of snow. I remember when we moved here I said to Brian, "It probably doesn't even snow that much as the beach". Ha! We are up to our knees (well I am) in snow. It is beautiful and magical and freezing. I finally decided that I would bundle Amelia up and we would try and play in the front yard. She LOVED it! 

I have learned that it takes longer to get her dressed than the time spent actually playing. I have also learned that I need to find water-proof gloves in toddler size. But she looked so cute all bundled up.

Goose showing her how it's done. He is so protective of her.
 He really kind of acts like an older sibling. Showing her the ropes,
 making sure she is safe, licking her face....
Goose was mad because I made him sit and pose for the picture. 
Besos for Goose. 

It is so much fun having new adventures with our fam. We haven't lived in snow for 6 years!! I am not a big lover of snow or cold but I love new experiences and change. Even if that means taking 20 minutes to put snow clothes on Amelia just to walk around in the front yard.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Celebrating December

I'm sorry I have been m.i.a. for a couple of weeks from the blog. Amelia and I were sick sick sick. I don't know exactly what it was, stomach bug I guess, but we were down for the count. Since we have been out of commission our December celebrations have been slow going. 

Now that New England was blanketed in about 2 feet of snow we are feeling full of holiday spirit. We haven't really spent time playing in the snow but we are loving the winter wonderland it creates. 

I, of course, planned on doing 25 fun activities for every day until Christmas but that didn't happen. Mostly because we were sick but also because Christmas overload can turn me Grinchy. We are sticking with just a few activities to keep the joy alive. We decorated the tree, finished shopping, and wrapped our presents. Next on the list was cookie decorating. This is the perfect activity for the single digit temps we are having! We (and I mean me) made and decorated a couple dozen cookies. I realized that after rolling out the dough I only have Halloween cookie cutters, so circles it is. Amelia was an excellent sous baker (is that a thing?).

I know Amelia wont remember doing this but I feel so much flippin' joy from it. Well that and a little nausea (on account of the sugar). Happy celebrating! 

.:8 Days until Christmas:.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

I wasn't sure how Thanksgiving was going to go since it was just the 3 (or 4 with Goose) of us. We usually spend the holidays with family or friends so this was new to be just us. We definitely missed family but we had a great time. 

Luckily for Brian the surf really cooperated with the holiday and time off. He surfed 4 days in a row and was feeling the stoke again. I was just waking up to make breakfast when he came home (still in his suit because it is too cold to change outside). Love when he has good surf days. 
I was hurrying to make a Thanksgiving themed breakfast before Amelia woke up. I ended up making a pumpkin pancake recipe I found on Pinterest. It was basically Bisquick recipe with pumpkin pie filling mixed in. Actually really good and easy. I topped it with Vermont syrup, whipped cream, and blueberries. Amelia only ate the blueberries of course. I should have taken after Amelia because I was sick. I am not used to sweet foods right now, especially in the morning. Still worth it though, for the sake of the holiday :)

After breakfast we headed over to meet some friends for a turkey bowl game. I would've like to play but Amelia wanted to sit this one out so we watched. We started out watching and walking around the field but it was way too cold. It looks like a nice sunny day (which is was sunny) but it was bone chillingly cold. 
We ended up back in the car with the heater on. No amount of clothing could keep us warm. 
After we all took naps, enjoyed the Macy's Day Parade, and watched a marathon of all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes we started cooking some dinner. 
When we were deciding what to have for Thanksgiving dinner we took the toddler approach. Whatever we saw when we walked around the grocery store that sounded good we put it in the cart. No joke. It was awesome. Childhood dream come true. We had enchiladas, Spanish rice, stuffing, mashed potatoes, spinach dip, onion dip, baked asparagus, and cookies. Oh and don't forget the Martinelli's. 

We ended the night by watching Elf (our only Thanksgiving tradition) in our Christmas pajamas. 

Brian got up the next morning for surfing and then we planned on some black Friday shopping when he got back. We aren't crazy black Friday shoppers but we do enjoy going. We didn't end up going until about 9am but we were out until 5pm. We had a great time (except at Kohl's, that was a nightmare). We got some great deals and Amelia had such a great time she didn't even nap. We scored 2 pairs of Christmas pajamas for FREE from Sears. Can't beat free. I was so caught up in the fun I didn't take any pictures. We ended the night with Christmas pajamas, hot chocolate, and tree decorating. I could not wait for Amelia to see it decorated when she got up. 

When Saturday morning came it was a full on Christmas party. Starting with a Christmas music dance party in the kitchen. 

We ended up using our little 4ft fake tree. I love real trees but we just don't have the space in our tiny little furnished rental. It is actually nice because Amelia can't really get her little fingers on the ornaments so it works out. I will have to get a pine smelling candle I guess. 

Our tree is full of meaningful ornaments mixed with some traditional. I would love to have two trees eventually. I would do a full on decorated trendy tree and then our traditional memory tree. It is fun pulling out ornaments year after to year to remind us of Christmas' past. 

After staring at the tree for a good hour and dancing off all the cookies, we put on our black Friday finds for a day of running errands. Amelia also had her first real babysitting experience and we had our 2nd night away from Amelia since she was born. Catching Fire of course. Quite the weekend! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their kickoff to the Holiday season as much as we did! 22 Days until Christmas!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Final" Insanity Results

I did it! I finished 63 days of Insanity. I am thrilled that I get to do this post and I am feeling accomplished. I am stronger than I was 2 months ago and feeling WAY healthier. Not even a contest.

Here are my official before and after (still progress) pictures. 
I was definitely sucking it in in my before pictures. Embarrassing. 

I had great results right away. I think this was 50% eating, 25% working out, and 25% de-stressing. Honestly eating is a huge part but I am finally able to relax. My life was crazy hectic for so long that my baby weight just stayed. I eat healthy and worked out starting 6 weeks postpartum, and the weight just stayed there. It was the stress. Now that most of the stress is under control I am really starting to see results. 

Here are the "rules" I have followed for the last 2 months:
-I tried to net 1200 calories a day. If I worked out more, ate more. 
-I based my eating loosely from this website. I modified because I was doing Insanity, but she has fantastic recipes. I pumped up the protein, fruits, and veggies and decreased the carbs by A LOT. I will now be forever eating this way. I feel 1000x better. Basically cut the crap, you wont regret it. 
-I never missed a workout. I made it my main priority (behind Amelia). Even on my busiest days I can always find an hour, even if I don't want to. 
-100+ ounces of water a day.
-Never, never be hard on myself. Just try my hardest and do better everyday. I was not perfect at all! I worked hard and saw results because I worked hard. 

So what's next...

-Yoga. Doing Insanity helped me find my strengths and weaknesses. My endurance, arm, and leg strength is great but I need to improve my flexibility and core strength. I am going to try and do yoga everyday through the end of the year. I am also going to do a little strength training everyday, light weight and high reps. 
-Focus on my eating. I went big for Thanksgiving and started feeling some headaches and sleeping less so I need to get back to the basics. I am going to try and focus my eating even more. The Holidays are hard and I don't deprive myself but I can still make healthy choices. 

Happy December!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

15 Months & Snow

sometimes this is the best picture you get, she is
a toddler after all. Look at how
tall she looks!!!

15 Months
Stats at last appointment: 22.5 lbs & 28.5 ins
-Signing: More, Hungry, Bottle, Please, I love you (my favorite)
-Words: Hi, Bye, Mom, Dad, Yia-Yia, Goose, Nice, Stay (for Goose)
-First Snow!
-Trying to run and jump
-Climbing stairs on her own (up & down)

I have loved every age of Amelia's life so far. This age that we are entering has been so much fun but has also started to offer some challenges. Amelia is so sweet but she is starting to understand the art of a tantrum. She is still her sweet and happy self but showing signs of a toddler. She loves to walk around the grocery store, not sit in the cart and she will be vocal if she doesn't get her way. She even threw herself on the ground in home depot because she didn't want to hold my hand. I was surprised. It wasn't really a big deal, she just sat on the ground until I picked her up. Also as can be seen from the picture above she was not thrilled to be taking pictures. She wanted her snack cup and I tried to take it away for the picture...not happening. This was the best we could get. I do like when pictures reflect the moment so I still love a good tantrum picture. 

This month we have been enjoying dealing with the cold. The temp has started to drop and my Cali/Georgia blood does not feel ready for it. I am FREEZING. This is just the beginning...yikes. We woke up this morning with snow flurries and our street/yard covered in snow. I was thrilled. First off snow means that the temp is not too low (get worried when it's too cold to snow), and I am thrilled at how festive snow makes everything. Can't wait until there is enough for playing and snowshoeing!!!
Amelia was so exited when she looked out the window. This was her first experience with snow. We didn't go out to play in it because it melted pretty fast but she loved seeing it through the window. We ended up taking her monthly pajama pictures right when she woke up and saw the show. LOVE the pictures. So much joy!
All too appropriate that she is wearing penguin pajamas.
Her sweet face.
Her silly face. Love that. 
We also hit up a festival of trees this last weekend. Brian's company entered a tree in a local festival and we went to support and enjoy all the decorated trees. 
They are still so much alike. 
Amelia was obsessed with this tree. It was a landscaping company
that decorated it. A tree fountain. Fun~
Sorry for the blurry iphone pics. 

Last but not least a sweet pic of our girl. Snuggling with whatever stuffed animal she can pull off the shelves. She is so loving and yes that is the candy judging. But you should try dark chocolate peanut m&m's! You'll never go back. The only candy I eat because there is no way I can give it up :)