Thursday, December 27, 2012

17 Weeks(4months) & Christmas

Bubba can always be seen with her hands in her
mouth now so I felt this picture
was perfect for this week.

17 Weeks

We had such a fun Christmas! Everyone always said that the holidays are much better when you have kids but I had no idea. We had such a good time.  Christmas Eve we went out with family to Maggianos Italian restaurant and had a great time catching up with everyone.  Well to be honest Amelia was in quite the mood so Brian and I took turns eating and standing outside. But we did have a great time even though Amelia was a stinker.  She does not do well at bedtime when we go out.  I'm trying to figure out a way to get her to sleep but the girl loves her bed. I snapped this cute picture before we went out to dinner of Amelia.  She kept trying to stick her tulle skirt in her mouth. Very cute. 

look at that little smirk

Amelia was exhausted when we got home so we quickly threw her in her Christmas Eve pajamas (thanks Aunt Katie) for a quick reading of The Night Before Christmas and a 4 month pajama photo shoot :) As a lover of books, I am dying over this next picture.  She looks like she is really into it with her feet kicked up. I was giddy :)

Brian did read the book to her but it wasn't long before she let us know how tired she was.  She was probably just excited to open presents. 

Christmas morning Amelia, Goose, and I got up and hung out by the tree while Brian slept in (Poor guy had to work Christmas Eve) Growing up I was always the first one up and would take a nap on the couch until everyone else got up.  I love love that time Christmas morning, maybe even more now.  I, of course, snapped morning pictures of the Amelia and Goose. Can you just tell how excited they are?The funny thing was that Goose seemed to understand what was going on.  He kept pacing around and sniffing the presents and seemed very anxious. So cute!

Around 8am we woke Brian up and started to tear into the presents. We wanted Amelia up when we did it so we moved fast. Amelia got an abundance of presents (mostly from Grandparents and some Aunties). Brian gave me the Young House Love book, which I can't put down and he got a compound Miter saw. So fun! He is actually building his desk right now and has put the saw to good use. We got tons of stuff and I really felt like a kid again.  We did get Amelia a couple of things: books, pacifiers, and baby leg warmers.  Not much because we knew she would be basically just focusing on holding her head up so we'll probably go a little bigger next year.  Amelia was exhausted after presents and took a 4 hours nap.  During Amelia's nap we actually skyped with my family in Cali while they opened their gifts.  It was really fun and it even felt like we were there with them. Brian also made the traditional crepe breakfast. We really enjoyed our first Christmas in our new home.  I am already counting down the days until next year. 

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