Thursday, December 20, 2012

16 Weeks

16 Weeks
-Coke world again :)
-Church Christmas party
-Brian and I both gave talks at Church
-Met Santa (well from a distance)
-Shopping/lunch in Dahlonega, Ga

We had so much fun with Kirstin here this week.  I feel like we were so busy that the week flew by.  We went to a Christmas party this week, had dinner with some new friends (also just moved here from So. Cal), went to World of Coke, and tried to eat at every Georgia restaurant.  We were sad to see Kirt go but excited that Christmas is only 5 days away! I already have all the presents under the tree and I definitely feel like a kid again.  I keep telling Brian that the presents might be open when he gets home from work.  Every year we open our presents early so I am having a hard time refraining.  

As I said above, we had a Christmas party this weekend that we went to. Our wonderful ward had a great party with good food and Santa. We didn't end up getting a picture with Santa because I think we'll wait until she can actually ask Santa for something. We thought about it but I didn't want to be in the picture so we passed. I did however dress Amelia up in her Christmas best :) 

Brian's looking a little lumberjack, Georgia is rubbing off
on him. :)

How cute is this baby? She loves standing. And yes that is a leg
lamp shirt.  Don't judge me but she is probably
going to wear the same outfit for Christmas Eve dinner.
It's too cute not to get a lot of use out of it.

Kirstin, Amelia, and I made a trip to World of Coke.  We went on a Monday and there was no one there which was really fun.  We of course had a great time and took all the obligatory photos. 

still creepy

I love this picture of Amelia. She is always wanting to look around and 
she really enjoyed this room full of Coke merch.  She is sweet :)

I had to put this picture of Kirt in.  This is the vault where the keep the secret
recipe for Coke.  When she did the pose the whole room
of people started laughing.  We thought that was so funny.  

Old fashion soda shop.

Kirt trying all the sodas from around the world.  This was after drinking
the amazing Beverly from Italy.  It is amazing, as you can see from her face.

Well we hope everyone has a great holiday this next week. We are missing family but are very much looking forward to the fun of having a baby during the holidays. 

Merry Christmas!

ps. I hope everyone receives our card.  We are having some issues with the post office (delivering our cards soooo late. So the cards may not come until after the 25th...sorry.

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