Thursday, December 13, 2012

15 Weeks & New Kitchen

smiling at her Aunt Kiki

15 Weeks
-Sleeping 12 hours almost every night
-Laughing!! So cute!
-Aunt Kirstin is visiting :)
-Started painting the house
- Finished all Christmas shopping :)
-Had our first Georgia friends over for dinner
-Goose Turned 2!!!!

We are having so much fun! We have our first visitor in town this week.  My sister Kirstin is in town for a week! Kirstin is good with all babies but Amelia LOVES her.  When I hold her she cries for her Aunt Kiki the whole time :) So cute! We have some fun Georgia plans while Kirstin is in town.  So far we have met up with family in East Atlanta and hit up a farmers/craft market.  Very fun! We also ate at a great Irish restaurant called The Elder Tree.  Interesting food and very tasty. We have other plans of heading to Dahlonega and Dawsonville tomorrow and maybe hitting up World of Coke again.  We already treated Kirstin to a Georgia favorite Chick Fil-a (fancy I know). We plan on getting her some Waffle House and Five Guys as well.  

I have also been putting Kirstin to work helping me with the painting.  We finished the kitchen and it looks really good. A huge improvement.  We went with Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm to really bring some good color in.  Check out the before and after below for a huge improvement. 

I think the color looks so good you almost don't notice the stamped ceiling, awesome light fixture, or the amazing vinyl floors.....almost.

Last but not least Goose turned 2 today! For his birthday he got new food bowls (very exciting).  He also got a new rope which is his absolute favorite. He was beyond excited when I pulled it out of the bag and he went straight to pulling all the strings apart.  We only get ropes for special occasions because it is such a mess so he was thrilled. He will be even more excited when he sees his Christmas presents. Yes I am aware that we are total goobers for celebrating his birthday, but life is just a little better when we celebrate. 

look at that face :)

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