Wednesday, December 5, 2012

14 Weeks


14 Weeks
-Roswell Christmas tree lighting
-Started Christmas shopping
-Slept 12 hours at night again (a few times)

As you can see we haven't had the most eventful week.  We did visit with family at a Christmas tree lighting which was fun.  Santa came in on a fire truck and the kids were very excited.  The line was a little too long to warrant a picture so we didn't get a Santa picture with Amelia.  To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Santa so I'm not sure we'll even do one at all. We'll see though.  This week we have mostly been working on getting our Christmas shopping done and the day to day things.  We now have our Georgia driver's licenses and Georgia plates so we are official.   We have started to look at paint colors so we can get going on getting this place painted.  I basically want an entire house in different variations of grays and neutrals but Brian would like to be a little more bold. We have also been on the hunt for key furniture items this week.  No luck so far though.

This last week everywhere we went we have been getting a lot of attention for how small Amelia is.  People have been commenting on her size when they find out she is 3 months old.  They say things like, "she must have been a preemie" or "I would've guessed no more than a month".  I don't know how to answer when people say that.  So far I just say, "yep, she is petite".  Right now she is about 11.5 pounds  We weighed her using our scale so it's not very precise. How much did your babies weigh at 3 months? She is very happy, obviously sleeps well, and very alert so I am not really that worried.  I guess babies are one of those hot topic items that people love to talk about.  

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season as much as we are.  I can't wait to put all her Christmas outfits to good use :)

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  1. Maybe a soccer player!? hee..hee. She is so sweet and cute! That is funny at how tiny she is. Yes, EVERYONE likes to comment on kids. You'll get that her whole life! We got the opposite for L. I just looked it up and he was 17 lbs 10 oz at 3 months!! Yikes! Everyone always said how HUGE he was. hahaha. They still comment on his size. And my little tid bit...get a picture with santa if you can...even if you aren't a huge's her first Christmas and you can never go back and get that first Christmas picture with Santa. :) Enjoy your sweet little one the Christmas. Can't wait to see pictures as you progress with the house!