Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Home: The Before Shots

As per request I am finally putting up some pictures of the house. Amelia took an extra long nap which allowed me to snap some quick pictures and put them up. We are so happy that we were able to find a house so quickly and can not wait to get our hands dirty.  A little disclaimer: we bought the house because it needed a little TLC, we have no furniture, and we are still not unpacked.  Enjoy!

Looking up at the front door from the bottom
of the stairs.

The view from the top
of the porch steps.

Our porch swing and front door. (Please ignore my reflection and the additional
ten pounds that are also in that reflection :)

Looking straight into the house are the stairs and a hallway. The stairs
go to all 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (1 master).

If you turn to the right when you come in
you'll see our formal dining room. We clearly don't 
have a dining room table yet but we are on the hunt. Or we may
 possibly DIY one.  

If you go to the left when you come in the door you will see the office/piano room. It is supposed to be a 
formal living room, but we are clearly not formal people. Excuse the mess, this was our 
moving in dumping ground. We did inherit the piano with the 
move which Hoss (Brian) is thrilled about. He and Amelia play almost everyday.

If you go down the hall and turn left you will run into the family room. The fireplace is huge 
but this room is a little small.  As you can see from the beautiful blue tape we
plan on doing a lot of painting in here. The door in the picture leads to the back deck/yard.

One of our first projects is going to be painting the trim and the mantle.

The half bath downstairs. Clearly a little outdated.  

The kitchen: It is pretty big and open with a nice space for
our little table.  We have a lot of plans for here.  We are gonna start with
paint and go from there.  While I do want
to redo the kitchen eventually I like the cozy country feel.
Goose had to sneak in the picture

If you look in the kitchen there is a door next to the fridge. The door
leads down to the basement.  It is actually a finished partial basement.  The door on
the right in front of Goose leads to the garage. 

Hoss works from home on Wednesdays so his makeshift office is 
down here right now.  This is mostly because I yell at
him because his voice is so loud
he constantly wakes up Amelia. haha.  So 
basically I banished him to the basement.  

Our laundry room! Our first time not having
to use a laundromat.  We were so excited it was
our first big house purchase. No more quarters (although I find 
myself still hoarding them).

Upstairs we have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  I only included pictures of the master because the other room are just either full of boxes or nothing at all. The master is pretty big, well bigger than anything we have had. The best part is obviously the closet! I didnt' think I would be able to fill it up but I find a way :)

The door from the kitchen leads out to a screened porch. I can't wait
to get some good use out of this during the summertime.

Backyard shots. Pretty big backyard, a little hilly. 

Back view of the house.

We have a looooong list of plans for the house.  Since the entire interior is painted the awesome color of weird off white/yellow we plan to start there.  We also clearly needing some major
furniture and decor.  Exiting stuff to look forward to!

I threw in a darling picture of Bubba (my nickname for her). 


  1. Amelia doesen't look like a Bubba...she is so cute. The house and surrounding land is beautiful. It will be fun fixing it to your tastes.


  2. Your house looks beautiful - you will have so much fun updating and decorating! Much more space than you can get out here in CA; I love your views, and all the trees! So pretty, enjoy!