Thursday, November 29, 2012

13 Weeks (3 months!) & Thanksgiving

13 Weeks
-Went to a Atlanta Hawks game
-Went to Coca-Cola factory
-Hung out with Grandma&Grandpa Yoast
for Thanksgiving
-Black Friday shopping
-Rolling over a lot (from front to back)
-Picked out our first real Christmas tree (can't beat the smell)

We had an exciting week over here in Georgia.  Brian's parents came down for the holiday and we had a great time. We had a non-traditional dinner (enchiladas), because Brian loves making that for Thanksgiving dinner. Carol, Amelia, and I braved the crowds for some black Friday shopping.  We actually went out around 11am to avoid the crazies.  It ended up being pretty crowded but we got some great stuff.  I basically got a Christmas wardrobe from baby Gap, so cute! We also got all stocked up with holiday decorations.  We still can not even begin to decorate this whole house but we'll have to add on every year I guess.  

Amelia and I did her 3 month photo-shoot in our favorite/festive pajamas.  She looks so cute in her Thanksgiving getup (courtesy of Aunt Katie).  The last picture is her rolling over, she gets so intense about it.  She must get that from Brian. 

We also hit up the Coca-cola factory this weekend.  We LOVED it! I had no idea, but there is a room FULL of fountain drinks from around the world.  It was a blast tasting everything.  I found that I enjoyed the flavors from Asia but not so much Africa.  I would recommend going to anyone.  Such a fun family day.  Until later when the amount of sugar really hit hard, I felt sick :( But it gave us a good laugh. 

meeting the creepy coke polar bear

after we watched the coke video, she was into it

the tasting room

all decorated for the holidays

Lastly I wanted to throw in a picture of Goose and Amelia.  They are becoming fast friends. She loves watching him and he loves testing me to see how close he can get.  After this I think he snuck in a lick on her little hand.  He is big so I never leave them alone together but he is becoming really protective over her.  He was even trying to give her his toy here. So sweet :)

I'll get some pictures of our holiday decor when we are finished. Loving decorating the house!

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