Thursday, November 15, 2012

11 Weeks & Leaving Baby with Daddy

someone is looking a little chunky :)

11 Weeks
-sleeping 10-11 hours at night
-laughed for the first time :)
-shopping at costco, lowes, home
depot, & estate sale!
-went to church in new ward
-spent an evening alone with daddy

I've got to tell you I really got lucky with this little baby.  I do work hard on keeping a schedule but she makes it easy for me.  I feel that she has made the transition into being a parent much easier on us.  We are constantly laughing all the time at how funny this little girl is. Here is a little photo shoot of her little personality that comes out more and more everyday.

She blows a lot of bubbles when she tries to talk and is a drool monster these days.  I am constantly having to change my shirts because they are covered in drool.  Too funny! (also kinda gross haha)

On to the next order of business, let call this 
"Leaving Baby with Daddy: Episode 1"

 A couple of nights ago I was invited out with some ladies from church.  We weren't meeting until 8:00 so I was going to feed Amelia and then Brian would just put her to bed.  She goes to bed at night really easy and usually doesn't fuss so I wasn't worried.  However, this was the first time I was leaving Amelia for more than an hour so I was a little nervous.  Well after I left she went right to bed and Brian said all went smooth with the exception of one little diaper blowout.  He said while it was gross it only got on his arm so it was no big deal.  We went to bed and had no reason to worry, right? Wrong!

 The next morning when I got up I was sitting on the couch nursing Amelia and I kept smelling poop.  I checked her diaper, checked my clothes and couldn't find anything.  I figured she must just have gas.  After about an hour I put her down for her nap and sat back down on the couch.  I could still smell poop! Now I was getting mad, "Does my house just perpetually smell like baby feces?!" Well that's when I realized my leg/butt felt a little wet.  That's odd.  I stood up and realized I had baby poop all over my back/butt.  WHAT! I went upstairs and checked Amelia again, nothing! Where did this come from?  I went back to the couch, I still didn't see anything.  Then I parted the couch cushions like the great poop sea and there it was in between the cushions! Apparently the blowout from the night before had been a little bigger than Brian realized and it had somehow gone down in between the cushions not leaving its disgusting trace on the top. So gross! Now I can't really blame Brian because I know he would have never left it had he actually realized what happened.  This does make a good story though.  After two trips through the washing machine the cushions are none the wiser and I am relieved that my house does not in fact smell like baby poop.  

Stay tuned for the next episode :)

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