Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10 Weeks/First Halloween

she is such a wiggler, I can barely get
her to sit still for these

10 Weeks
-Celebrated Halloween
-Moved into first home!
-Sleeping 10 hours at night
-Sitting in and loving her bumbo chair

We had so many reasons to celebrate this last week.  First, the giants won the series! Yay! It was hard to watch because the games were on really late here but we loved it! The second thing to celebrate was Amelia's first Halloween! We had a great time passing out candy to TONS of kids.  My aunt and uncle live in a popular trick or treating neighborhood. I had a blast though because I've never had trick or treaters! We ended up running out of candy and having to hand out fruit snacks.  Amelia dressed up as a witch for the occasion.  We didn't go all out for her costume this year because we have been soooo busy so we just did a basic outfit with a hat.  She looked adorable!

I think the outfit is from Kohls, courtesy of Yia-yia.  The hat is of course also from Yia-yia and I believe she got it from Etsy.  It is a knit witches hat with a purple ribbon.  We had to stuff it with paper to keep it up but she just looked so cute. Also her orange and black socks are of course from Vans. 

Well the last and probably most exciting reason to celebrate is the buying of our first home! We closed on Halloween Day (spooky??) and moved in this last weekend.  We are in love and can't wait to start all the projects.  The house is great and move in ready but it is a little outdated and could use some refreshing.  We'll probably start with paint and then move up to some bigger projects.  Here is a shot of the outside and soon I'll get some inside shots taken. 

Love the front porch.  It looks pretty big in this picture but it's not huge.  Its the perfect size for us to grow into.  It has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 car garage, and a partial basement.  Lots of stairs! I can't wait to share all the fun stuff we are gonna do in the house! Oh and Goose loves it too (but he is a dog and he pretty much loves everything)

Last but not least a picture of Amelia is her bumbo. She loves sitting in it.  Well I usually get that look but she likes that she can look around at things.  I am aware that these were recalled this year, but I promise I am being safe and she stays on the floor or I am right next to her.  

ps.  Here is my political plug (disclaimer: I am an independent voter).  I am not thrilled that Obama is in for another four years.  I was really hopeful four years ago when he was elected and I have been disappointed.  I think he is a good person but not much more than a celebrity.  I think we could have used someone with a little more vision and a little more background in economics.  I will continue to try and be hopeful that he will do a good job as I am someone who respects the office of President no matter who is in it. Anyway, I just wanted to get that in there.  Happy Wednesday! 

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