Monday, October 15, 2012

Upload City

Amelia with her Aunt Kirstin (Kiki).

First trip to Cabellas with Dad.

Just so exhausted after a hard day.
Where we are staying until we move into our new house :)

Sleeping in the big girl bed :)

Little Lamb.

Getting ready for a walk, so sweet :)

Daddy got Amelia dressed here.  Love the Vans socks :)

She loves her Aunts. 

Goose and his cousin Bowie. Best friends :)

I couldn't resist.

Her Goose onsie, courtesy of Yia-Yia. Also she 
just loves laying on this travel changing pad. Babies
sure are funny.

First time going to church in Georgia. She was so good :) Love 
the cute little bows I got from Etsy (Little Blooms).

She just looks like a little angel here.

I love spending time with this little girl! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

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