Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kinsley Family Farm

We took a trip to a local family farm for some pumpkins this weekend.  I have been looking forward to dressing Amelia up in her Halloween best and heading down to a pumpkin patch since the leaves started changing.  She looked so cute all dressed up and blended right in with the pumpkins.  I did add a little bow to her pumpkin hat because she looked a little boyish so I thought I would girl it up.  

We looked up local pumpkin farms and found Kinsley Family Farm.  They are actually known for doing Christmas trees but have expanded to all participating in fall harvest fun.  They have every type of pumpkin, hayrides, and homemade cider.  We picked up one really large pumpkin and some cider and plan on having fun with that tonight.  It was a beautiful farm and we are excited to head back and chop down our first real Christmas tree this year.  

Here are some pictures from our fun on the farm :)

On the way there.

Hanging out in the pumpkins.
(shirt from Katie, hat from Ron & Liz)

Finally a picture of the two of us, we don't
have very many. I'm always
behind the camera.

Fell asleep in Dad's usual.

Fall family photo :)

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