Wednesday, October 31, 2012

9 Weeks

9 Weeks
-Visited the Georgia aquarium
-Ate lunch in Pemberton Square
-Walked around Centennial Park
-Went to the pumpkin patch

We had such an exciting week! We headed into Atlanta and met up with some friends at the Georgia Aquarium.  The aquarium has the biggest fish tank in the world, which had two whale sharks and manta rays.  It was actually really cool.  Amelia was awake the whole time we were at the aquarium and she enjoyed looking around.  While Amelia has no idea what was going on she does enjoy being able to check out her surroundings.  After the aquarium we walked around Centennial Park and hung out in Pemberton Square.  It was a beautiful fall day and we really enjoyed getting to know the city a little more.  When people come to visit I'm sure we will hit up these locations again :)

I did another pajama photo shoot of Amelia for the 2 month milestone.  She got these adorable pajamas from Katie and we wore them almost all month.  She also dressed up for Halloween but those pictures deserve their own post.  Enjoy her smiles and footsie pajamas!

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