Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 Weeks

look at how good she is sitting up :)

8 Weeks
-Holding her head up and spending lots of time on her tummy
-Slept 9.5! hours last night
-Lots of smiles and babbling
-Amelia's Halloween costume came in the mail (can't wait to share)

We've had a fun week over here watching the presidential debates and Giants baseball :) Amelia is of course very interested in politics.  Kidding aside when the TV is on that girl zones in, I'm a little worried (haha). Amelia has been so smiley and happy.  My favorite thing right now is her babbling.  I'm thinking she is going to be a little talker.  She loves hearing her voice and she can get pretty vocal.  She also will stare at my mouth when I talk to her and almost try to imitate the movement.  Its been so fun watching her learn and grow. She has even started to grow out of her newborn clothes.  

Well we have some exciting things coming up soon.  Our closing date is fast approaching and I can not wait to share all the house details and projects we have planned.  We have been looking forward to this for a long time. Another thing I have been looking forward to is decorating Amelia for the holidays and share all that cuteness.

Here are some pictures from this last week :)

tummy time
Amelia smiling at her Thia
 (yes Thia and Yia Yia are twins)

In her jeggings.
Blanket made by Leanne

 All smiles in the morning.

 Look at those cheeks!
She looks at me like "Get that thing out
of my face" haha.
This picture kills me.  So cute how her nose
gets all scrunched when she smiles! I love it.
I actually have a wrinkle above 
my nose because I'm a nose scruncher :)


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